Cardano: A Next Generation Blockchain Platform


Sorry for being 17 days late but if this helps anyone else here is what I’ve learned.

Yes it is possible. Especially if your firewall settings and hampering it. Also, if your hardrive is not a SSD but the 5 or 7200rpm spinning ones. I did not have the SSD so mine took 3 days.

Yes, you can shut down and it will pick up from where you left off but as transactions happen you will have more % that needs to be DL’d.

Other wallets that work to store as well are Trezor model T and Yoroi. You can even use yoroi with trezor.


A few months ago I’d agree, but it appears that you haven’t been paying attention over the last few weeks. All the building blocks are finally coming together all at once, and Cardano is quickly shaping up to be a power house. I’m confident that this will be one of the strongest contenders moving forward.

Also parents house? The guy turned down a half billion dollar payout when he left Ethereum. Not every successful person feels the need to live lavishly, and his life style shows his dedication to the project.


That may not be why they left though.

Na dude, they explicitly said that they left cardano because it was too complex to build on. That’s the worry I have with platforms like cardano and even ethereum - it’s only gonna get harder for devs as they try and scale using complex methods.

Cardano has 1 small dapp building on it and has a market cap of $1.1BIL Talk about overvalued lmao…


Interesting to see an Ethereum developer praising Cardano.


Someone in the ICX thread asked me why I’m investing in Cardano rather than Ethereum. I figured I’d re-post it here since it’s more relevant.

  1. Ouroboros: Ethereum is currently PoW, yet trying to switch over to PoS (Casper). It has yet to be proven if that transformation is even possible. Meanwhile, Cardano has been built with PoS as it’s basis (Ouroboros), which is the first PoS consensus method that has been peer reviewed to have the same durability as PoW.

  2. Peer Review: Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, was also the co-founder of Ethereum. During his time at Ethereum, he was displeased with how sloppy and rushed the code was. He left to pursue Cardano, where all code must go through a peer review process. His thought process is that it’s better to do things once, and do them right, rather than rush them and risk another DAO type hack (which caused Ethereum to split into ETH and ETC).

  3. Treasury: Most projects in crypto raised capital through VCs, or through ICOs. This gives them the runway necessary to continue production. Problem is, when the money runs out, the platform has no choice but to rely on donations or volunteers. Cardano however takes a small percentage of the PoS dividends, and pools them in a decentralized treasury. ADA holders then vote through staking, on how the treasury will be used to continue development of Cardano. When all these projects are broke, Cardano will have the only inherent system in place to continue development, even if it’s decades from now.

  4. Layered: Ethereum was a first mover for a lot of new key concepts, such as smart contracts. The problem with being the first is that you don’t yet know the best way to approach things. Cardano was able to learn from Ethereum’s mistakes, and coded their tech into two layers: a settlement layer for basic transactions, and then a separate computational layer for smart contracts. This makes it very easy to separate the two functions, and make updates or changes, whereas with Ethereum, it’s all coded together and any changes often break the core code (as seen in the vulnerability that delayed the recent hard fork).

  5. Plutus & Marlowe: Typical smart contracts are very difficult to program, however features recently added to Cardano allow developers to easily create smart contracts quickly and with ease. This is a complete game changer for smart contracts.

  6. Shelley: The Shelley update will make Cardano one of the first completely decentralized projects in the space. Shelley will be v1.5, meanwhile we’re already at v1.4. It’s right around the corner.

Now the downside to Cardano: Ethereum has hundreds (if not thousands) of projects being built on top of it. Cardano however, has only a select few. This is because a few months ago, Cardano was all theory, and was not ready for third party development. However all the pieces recently came together, and progress has accelerated to a frenzy, including the recent release of Marlowe, Plutus, etc. Cardano is now at the point where it will become highly attractive to developers.


@Nathan_D I remember in another thread you were looking into STO projects. Have you decided to invest in any, or just sticking with ICON since STOs are on their road map?


Cardano fans should take a quick peek at the Plutus and Marlowe testnet documentation and playgrounds. Even if you don’t understand it, the quality of the documentation they added is remarkable.

The Plutus sample code and playground is really cool (examples for games, crowdfunding, messaging apps, etc).

Next up is Marlowe, and the Meadow engine. Basically a prefab node based drag and drop system. I don’t think anyone else in crypto has a system this advanced or user friendly.


Also the secondary docs are rather comprehensive as well:


Shelley is coming.


Going to start bulking up on this again soon. Great project imo. :cardano:


You aren’t the only one. I have been filling bags since it was 5 cents.


Cardano (ADA) to Overthrow EOS’s Place as the King of Dapps Once Fully Launched: Weiss Ratings


It’s almost go time!


Just want it to pass it’s previous ATH. I have been accumulating.
Hopefully there is some good news at the event in Florida this week.


Just accumulated more ADA tonight. It will be interesting to see if I can meet my goal this year.


What’s your goal out of interest?


was trying to get a grip of ADA around 7 cents


100,000. Now if I can just get Daedalus wallet to open. That sucker is SLOW…even after the update.