Cardano: A Next Generation Blockchain Platform



I do not see Bitshares or Steem as being a competitor to Cardano. If EOS launching before Cardano concerns you then you should be concerned about any smart contract coin that came after ETH/ETC. Both of those have larger funding than EOS, Dfinity, and RChain.

Charles Hoskins and Cardano are heavily involved with ETC so just because the coin hasn’t been around as long doesn’t mean it is lacking the experience which is what I am guessing why you are giving EOS and the like an advantage.

@7UP - You keep mentioning you do not see it skyrocketing like others might very soon. In this space any coin can sky rocket at any time for no reason at all. So I do not understand your though process here.

I mean ADA did have its skyrocket just as all new coins do. We see this graph happen all the time.

All three of the graphs are for smart contract platforms and just so a small sampling. I think this year is going to be the one for the books as last year and previous year trends are going to be broken as there is a much larger user group and developer view on the space.

Unless you can give me some legit reason other than a gut feeling and the reasons you mentioned we are going to have to agree to disagree as I feel the coins that @peterhaymond mentioned are more or less shit coins in my book.

I do not see DEX’s actually making it into production with out following KYC and AML laws which more or less defeats one of the primary purposes and are causing most of the complaints of new users trying to setup new accounts on current exchanges.


I never said Steem or Bitshares were Cardano competitors. Your original question was, “Is there such a thing as a scalable block chain?” Those were my examples.

EOS launching before Cardano doesn’t concern me, I want them all to win.

Ethereum does have quite a bit of funding behind it, but how much of that is being allocated towards attracting developers to their ecosystem? with Galaxy Digital is allocating $325m towards EOS’s ecosystem. DFINITY also has a large portion as well.

This whole dApp platform game is about attracting developers to win future marketshare. When I see big money behind specific projects, I wouldn’t take it lightly.


Sorry most of that was aimed at @7UP

I will take it being involved with Universities over big money. Being in the Universities and navigating that environment is huge. You are teaching are involving the very institutions that are developing the next generation and if they are more familiar with a product over another that has a major effect on adoption. They are already doing smart contracts with Degree’s and the universities from my knowledge so the statement that he made about smart contracts not being around until Q4 18 seems a bit off.

I do not really think Steem and Bitshares have anywhere near the traffic that BTC and ETH have seen so their scalability has yet to be tested in my eyes.


The universities part I like. ICON is doing that too.

Steem and Bitshares do brotha. That is the huge misconception with Dan Larimer. The one thing he can do is scale things.

Check out the data -


I stand corrected. So scalability then does not seem to be a major player if we have scaleable solutions out there.


That doesn’t make sense. Ethereum can’t scale past 15-20 transactions per second. We need faster dApp solutions.


If faster dApps is what you or @7up are saying is needed but all the money is staying in the slower solutions then that means as of right now faster doesn’t seem to be a player. If it was a major factor the money would move to those solutions that are solving that issue.

I am not saying it isn’t an issue just that it is not a big enough issue at this point in the game for big money to move.


You’re not comparing apples to apples dude. Bitshares is a DEX. Steem is a social blogging platform.

The money is money to faster dApp platforms - ICON, DFINITY, EOS etc.


It doesn’t matter scale ability is scale ability when talking transactions. Doesn’t matter what the transaction is. This is proven by smart contracts being added to Bitcoin. It doesn’t matter if it is blog data or transfer a value its all 1 and 0’s so yes i am comparing apples to apples when talking about scale ability and money not careing right now about how fast the transactions are.


EOS wasn’t even around when ETH was created. The reason ETH exploded was because it allowed for new possibilities in crypto. Scalable and fast coins will also allow for industries to pick up and use blockchain tech. This too will allow for many possibilities and will be massive lol.

ETH had first mover advantage for making smart contracts.
But EOS, RChain etc will have first mover advantages for scalable, super fast blockchains with smart contracts.

KYC can also be done in a decentralized manner. E.g. Civic.

Also, the only reason scalable solutions aren’t super high in market cap is because they are either new, buggy, have low latency, are hard to build on or don’t even have smart contracts. Those problems should all eventually be solved. I’m sorry but you can’t expect a platform that can’t even run good dapps at all ( pretty much ) to be used more than one that can.


There is a lot of money behind scaling solutions. Ethereum is spending vast amounts on trying to implement sharding and plasma.

EOS itself is set to raise 2bil at the end of its ICO and probably a lot more. This IS the most well funded crypto project in history.

This is all a race pretty much.

There is a ton of money going into this.


Its ICO is done and over with. What are you talking about here.

No where near 2billion


Ada is my long hodl for sure. bought around .025 cents got in very early and never looked back. now eos is my mid range hodl. they have more implementation in the market plus Dan and stan are beasts. i making platform plays for 2018


That’s the initial ico. It has been selling 2 million coins every day for 248 days/350 days since the initial ico ended. Year long ico.

Check out the website.
Here is a list of all the tokens sold so far:

Here is how much they’ve raised within each period:

We also have telegrams ICO. So far it has raised 800million for their scalable blockchain.


Thats not an ICO that is just non-stop funding. This in my book is just a money grab almost into scam territory.

So by your above comment about 2 billion you think they are going to more than double their funding from 800m to 2bi in 100days? That means they need are going to add nearly 492,894,109 tokens in the next 100 days. How is this healthy when they do not even have a working product yet and are just now announcing the launch of their test net.


Yes I do think they will do that. I mean it all depends on the market and how much that makes the price of EOS go up. If we see eos go to $20 and above then the EOS team will be receiving a lot of money.

As for them not having a working product they do have a working testnet which you can download and use on their site.

They also technically have the steemit/bitshares blockchain as also working products seeing as how many people working for EOS were also working on those projects and they are essentially using the same technology that is currently running on those blockchains. (Graphene + dpos). Those two blockchains are also the most scalable and fastest ( in terms of transaction speeds - less than 2 seconds generally ) blockchains in crypto at the moment ( that is proven ).


Cardano is by first my strongest pick for 2018. There’s no doubt that their team is developing something great. Looking forward to starting to see DAPPS built on it


Charles says the Ethereum VM will run on Cardano. That opens up a whole new game, IMHO, when it comes to adoption.

See 15:50 and forward. The whole interview is good.


Recently cardano has become one of my interests hmmmmm umm hmmmm


So Cardano has been on my radar for a awhile. Now that it has retraced to around .14 to .16 cents i have been looking more at it due to I was not in the crypto space back when it was .02 cents. I think I seen Peter DCA Cardano…With all of these other platforms does Cartdano truly stand a chance with their long roadmap and no working product yet???