Cardano: A Next Generation Blockchain Platform



I believe so, but they don’t have infinite rope. They gotta get something out there, though. I believe they have time still, but this summer has to happen. Shelley had to release and they have to decentralize this year.

The other thing is once they’re out there they cannot experience a hack ever. They must back this claim “Ouroboros is the first proof of stake protocol that has mathematically been shown to be provably secure, …” or all of the writing and peer review work they performed will be dismissed.


Charles put out a blog post (via IOHK blog).

Some highlights:

The release we are cutting next week to QA will include paper wallets, much faster wallet restoration and numerous fixes.

To be clear, Ouroboros isn’t a forced, delegated, proof of stake protocol like EOS or Bitshares. It’s a pure, proof of stake protocol where for epoch elections every active Ada account is factored in. Anyone who holds Ada in a normal address in the global UTXO has a probability of being elected as a slot leader regardless of the amount of Ada they hold.

Briefly, anyone can run a stake pool. There isn’t a minimum threshold of Ada or a special club. Rather, there will be a blockchain-based registration system and a special transaction type to register a stake pool on-chain. Registered pools will be listed in the delegation center of Daedalus and pulled directed from the Cardano blockchain thereby preventing censorship or bias.

Delegation will be done through a special transaction and from a user experience viewpoint, via the delegation center in Daedalus. A user can find a stake pool they wish to delegate to, select it, and click a “delegate” button. It’s just that simple.

Maybe the pool from The Pub would like to join in here. I’ll definitely be staking some of my stack.

The goal with this process is to identify a set of 50 to 100 independent entities that are geographically well distributed who would like to run a stake pool as a business.


i don’t have a lot of ADA but would be interested in adding what i have to a staking pool if one gets going to at least see what the potential returns might be


I signed up for the testnet. We’ll see if I get in and if so I’ll share what I can.


I play a lot of Resident Evil games. They had me at Ouroboros, and Ada.




Cardano is under .30 cents. REALLY thinking now is the time to load up on it…


And now $0.124221 , bought myself some more at 0.14 so hodl :wink:


Yea I saw that. Not sure how crazy over Cardano i am anymore…


Still :bullish: Bullish on :ada: Cardano myself … great tech, built to scale, no drama, and solid communication of progress by the team. It ain’t sexy :lambo: and I kind of like that. :cowboy_hat_face: :hodl:


Trying to find a exchange where I can buy this using USD pairing. Anyone have suggestions?
I know Binance will eventually, but I am looking to start building my position now.


I was an ICX purist, but decided to diversify with fresh fiat. I chose ADA as I love the theory behind it, the peer review, and Charles is the man!

I’m doing weekly DCA, but at fairly large quantity over a shorter two month period. Picked up 5000 ADA to start with at $0.16. A bit late to the party, but better now than never. :slight_smile:


What exchange allowed US dollar pairings for this. I am still looking.
I found Etoro has ADA, but is not available in the US. I could have miss read it, but I fairly certain.


Coinbase is currently testing the addition of adding ADA. For now, it’s best to buy Ethereum with fiat (faster transaction times), transfer to an exchange such as Binance, and then buy. Here’s a list of current websites that list ADA:


I was on this site today. Thanks for the help.


This is one of my “ Big 5” coins I’m investing in. I’m very bullish long term. Already closing in on 10,000 by the end of the month. Hodl on. :facepunch:t3::boom::rocket:


Ada reached the bottom???


Probably not. Need BTC to start gaining again.


Is Peter still DCA ADA?