Cardano: A Next Generation Blockchain Platform



yes he is @Peter - hopefully he will do an update on all his DCA’s soon (mid year review)


Wonder if that special announcement is really especial…

Even so, I’m getting more and more bullish about ADA (as about ICX)


The more I read up on ADA, the more impressed I become. I think this may a case of “slow and steady wins the race”, as Charles and the team are clearly determined to ensure that everything is executed to the highest standards, even if it means going through the slow peer review process or building everything from scratch.

ADA may be a long hold, but this project has quickly become my new favorite. I know Peter was DCA’ing this, so I’m surprised there isn’t more talk about this project here on the Pub.


I think talk will pick up once they get further along on their roadmap. I need to check but I think a big announcement is due soon regarding Cardano. I def agree slow and steady wins the race. And that website…one of the best looking professional ones out there. I’ve already stocked up into 5 digits. Same with XLM. :rocket: :ada:


I suspect that the lack of interest stems from the fact that Cardano came out of nowhere and immediately achieved a leading market position. Meanwhile ICX, the Pub favorite, was much further down the list. ADA quickly became a sort of Pub joke, as the overpriced and undeserved platform token. For that reason, very few people actually took the time to research the project.

I’m sure it’s been posted before, but this is the video that sucked me in. Within 45 minutes, Charles outlines the basics of blockchain, the generational advancements, and the underlying theory behind ADA. He does this eloquently, without pause, and without faltering. It’s quite possibly the best presentation that I’ve ever seen, albeit on a very primitive whiteboard.

I urge everyone to watch at least the first 15 minutes of this. It’s not only a great primer on blockchain basics and the Cardano platform, but it will also quickly showcase how Charles is undeniably one of the greatest minds of the industry, and arguably the next Steve Jobs.


Charles leadership is definitely one (the) diferencial in the project.
ADA and ICX future is very promisse. We just have to be pacient. The guys are grinding.


I’m waiting to see if ADA breaks below 10 cents before I buy a big bag. I plan to have my portfolio be mostly 40% BTC, 20% each for ICX and ETC, and 10% each for ADA and ZRX. Maybe a few % for XLM, NEO, and ELA.


Can anyone help me with the Daedalus wallet? I updated it to Cardano 1.3 the other day. Syncing blocks was at 36%. It never moved. Tried it again earlier & it was stuck at 35%. I left it for over an hour & nothing changed.


You gotta be patient. I experienced the same thing. By patient I mean possibly days to download the whole blockchain. It’s nuts. Once downloaded, everything in the future will go much faster. When I log in now I’m around 99% and only have to wait about 10 minutes max. They def need to fix this issue though! It’s a great wallet though so I still recommend continuing to download.


Thanks for the reply. Thats absolute utter madness!


Yes it is. I also experienced it getting stuck like you described. In that case just start over and keep trying. It should slowly work itself up until completion. Worked for me… eventually.


I’ve restarted it a few times now. Its at 36%. It was at 35% 5 hours ago but I closed it after 1 hour of no movement. Cardano need to grab a hold off the City of Zion lads to get them a proper wallet. I cant believe this is happening in 2018


:joy: I’ve heard stories about people literally abandoning the project because of this one issue. I don’t blame them. I pray Cardano 1.4 improves on this substantially.


I sorted it. It took an hour to delete a folder & 11 hours to sync the blocks. Got the solution from Reddit. The new wallet cant come fast enough


Can you post the link?




still don’t see how this is a next generation blockchain platform in any way. It doesn’t solve any problems that I know of.

Cardano is a next-generation blockchain platform with more advanced features than any protocol yet developed


I can’t wait to see this back at 2c


I may put a $500-$600 into this and hold for a few years. To see where this is going. The bulk of my dca will remaining in BTC.


You might want to read the white paper then. :joy:


You might want to read the white paper then. :joy:

anything in particular that will make cardano the most advanced blockchain that I should check out?
Ouroborus is nothing special - same goes for functional programming.