Cardano: A Next Generation Blockchain Platform



multi billion dollar market cap

Bitconnect had a billion dollar market cap too. :joy:

however clearly we do.

If you tell me why cardano’s a true next generation blockchain platform with the most advanced tech out there and I’ll go away believing you because I have not seen anything to support this.


It’s not a discussion when you come in here throwing around the word “shitcoin”, in the process disrespecting those who have chosen to invest. That’s not constructive. It’s trolling. When you approach a debate like this, you undermine your ability to be taken seriously. No one wants to waste time arguing with someone who clearly has no interest in listening.


Facts speak for themselves. Cardano is the definition of a whitepaper shitcoin.

If you can tell me what’s wrong with that phrase I’ll stop calling it a shitcoin.


Your quote literally uses the word “facts” within a subjective statement. It’s completely illogical and contradictory.


I don’t think you understand the fact that I can base an opinion on facts from their whitepaper and what they’ve actually built.

What I don’t understand is why it is so hard for someone who’s clearly invested into cardano to give me a simple sentence of why it’s the most advanced blockchain.


It’s not the most advanced blockchain. However if you read the whitepaper, you’ll see why it has the potential be so. It’s a speculative investment…same as anything else in this space.

As for why no one wants to explain anything to you, please revisit my earlier comment.

I’m moving on. Cheers.


I read the whitepaper and a lot of related documents

Thanks for replying


I bought ADA yesterday & it still hasnt shown up in my Daedalus wallet. Would my wallet reboot from last week have anything to do with that, do u think?


Tough for me to say. I haven’t had any issues with my purchases getting into my wallet. I would verify that you deposited correctly.


Would enjoy knowing how many people posting here owned Cardano prior to your posting.


never touched cardano x)


My goal was to reach X number of BTC, before playing with alts. Learning more about this Ada is making it hard.
Just found out I can buy it on coinmama withoit having to convert BTC or any of my other coins to get it.
Supposedly ADA updated it’s Deadalus wallet to make our lives easier. Not sure how that is working out in the real world.


Cardano might be good, but it would want to be considering it will be years behind the established coins. Lots of catching up to do


Just found out you can buy Cardano from Coinmama, without having to swap coins.
Yay, for me when the time comes.


ADA at 6 cents was too hard for me to pass up today. Im a firm believer in the project & im also of the belief that Cardano will look attractive to new investors simply because of its low price. New wallet on the way & staking upcoming too. Its such a good entry point right now for anyone looking to get in.


Agreed. I also picked up another bag yesterday when it dropped to $0.065. Cardano is one of the worst performing coins of the year, yet it’s progressing nicely in terms of development. Charles anticipated this, so the team isn’t phased by market sentiment.


Choosing alts that are developed before ada is like a GM drafting Steph Curry and another GM trading their top pick for a draft pick 2yrs later and getting Jordan




1019 ADA for 50 bucks. Just think about this, January 19, 2018 I bought 1519 ADA for $1000.

Total Invested Total Porfolio
$4,356.44 $1,224.28 -$3,132.16 -71.90%

To the Moon.