Cardano: A Next Generation Blockchain Platform



Is it possible to do the Daedalus update over 2 days? My wallet is being restored now. Its at 26%. Its taken 4 hrs to reach that point. If it isnt complete by the end of the day, is it possible to exit Daedalus & reopen it tomorrow & pick up where the download has left off?


why is ADA 0,08 on bithumb and half of it 0,04 on any other exchanges?


One of the only projects building on Cardano has now left it. Apparently it was too complicated to build on. Opinions?


fuck! This some bullshit


Great article about Shelley. Id do a TL;DR but it wouldn’t do it justice.


Haskell is one of the more complicated languages to build on. Also, lesser known ones with big pools of expertise.

I’m learning about it and in all honesty… I go over and re-read lessons just so I can understand it a little more.

That may not be why they left though.

Only time will tell, I’m confident though. Those who put in the time and work tend to do well. More so than those that take the easy route. Even if it takes a little longer.

(I wonder if the beef between eos and Cardano have anything to do with the ship jumping)

(I haven’t watched the video yet )


Sorry for being 17 days late but if this helps anyone else here is what I’ve learned.

Yes it is possible. Especially if your firewall settings and hampering it. Also, if your hardrive is not a SSD but the 5 or 7200rpm spinning ones. I did not have the SSD so mine took 3 days.

Yes, you can shut down and it will pick up from where you left off but as transactions happen you will have more % that needs to be DL’d.

Other wallets that work to store as well are Trezor model T and Yoroi. You can even use yoroi with trezor.


Cardano is a terrible investment, its never going to be implemented anywhere

how many years do you need to watch Charlie do livestreams from his bedroom at his Parents house to get it?



A few months ago I’d agree, but it appears that you haven’t been paying attention over the last few weeks. All the building blocks are finally coming together all at once, and Cardano is quickly shaping up to be a power house. I’m confident that this will be one of the strongest contenders moving forward.

Also parents house? The guy turned down a half billion dollar payout when he left Ethereum. Not every successful person feels the need to live lavishly, and his life style shows his dedication to the project.


contending for what? its a science project, like all the shitcoins are… at least Icon pretends it has commercial aspirations…


That may not be why they left though.

Na dude, they explicitly said that they left cardano because it was too complex to build on. That’s the worry I have with platforms like cardano and even ethereum - it’s only gonna get harder for devs as they try and scale using complex methods.

Cardano has 1 small dapp building on it and has a market cap of $1.1BIL Talk about overvalued lmao…