Cardano [ADA] Cost Averaging TEMPLATE



1 Week Behind, but started on 1/5/2018!

We on it!

Should I DCA Cardano?
4/20 - Dollar Cost Avg on ICX, ADA, IOTA - Weed Day Updates!
Should I DCA Cardano?

Good luck. I see Cardano giving you a little over a quarter of what Chuck gave you by this year’s end.


We shall see. I feel good about it… plus… TBH a little bit of fomo… a little bit. I feel something… probably just an :explopants4:


@peter is this a long term hold?


Well the DCA’s thus far have been a year long experiment so at least that long. What do you consider long term? In the crypto space 12 months seems like an eternity.


yes Cardano is great to HODL, Litecoin, Icon, Ripple line up with it


How come you decided to add ADA also?
Are you still sticking to IOTA as well?


iota ada and icx this year!


Probably not a good idea to buy ADA on binance. Binance will not allow to withdraw it.


Why not???


Idk they suspended withdrawal s of cardano ATM at least for me.


@peter Yooo we still on for Friday DCA? Come on bro we need you ! :wink:



@peter hope you feel better soon… Yo!


Cardano’s claim to fame…“She Blinded me with Science! + Haskell” lol.


@peter Glad to see your feeling better. 100 Youtube uploads a day. DAMN sir your a machine YO!. LOL… Please update the ADA DCA chart. Your data from LTC last year shows a great time to buy between now and May. Each week I like to see who got the biggest bang for the buck. So far I been buying in at a much better rate than you. LOL…Good time to stack up. I just liquidated all my XRP I got last year for $. 07 and put it all in to ADA. Looking forward to seeing everyone succeed next year!


Does the ADA DCA chart auto calculate totals ? I just started today I already had 500 so I added those & it calculated for me but then I bought $100 today & it did not…
Tips ???


Says file not available? Moved?


This is a talk by Charles Hoskinson and provides a historical account that sheds light on the whole crypto journey, not just Cardano. If you’re going to spend a year + with a coin, great to hear from the source. It’s strengthened my commitment to ADA and my respect for it’s peer review process which builds accountability and leverages academic competition to generate independent collective validation (or refuting) of claims made by individuals. Fascinating and illuminating.


cant see it either. character