Cardano will be huge



Good article about Cardano/ADA price potential by 2020.


Added tags. Thanks! Sweet!


How I wish Ledger supported this coin.


Dump Neo, buy Cardano?


Out of all the coins, their pros / cons, ridiculous ‘football style’ fans… this is the project that excites me the most.

I’m sure they’ll make a huge difference in the future.


Charlie has child bearing hips and connections at obscure university labs, cardano is over before it starts

Dump it , its never getting implimented anywhere ever


alt coins and tokens = lotto tickets hmmmmm


No. Absolutely not. That would be terrible idea. Neo is the one. Neo is the platform, as well as Cardano will be. As Peter always say. Invest in tech.


You right. Most of them are.


Yep. I may be stocking up on this next payday. Now if I could just get my fucking Daedalus wallet to open in a reasonable time.:man_facepalming:t2:


Someone really needs to wake me up on ADA then, because I don’t see how it will compete against ICON, NEO, EOS, or the other platform coins. It started before several other cryptos in general, but has a fairly poor record. I don’t see $10 in 2 years…

Any advice, or are you just hedging your bets?


Cardano needs to fix its fucking ('scuse my French) wallet first before it takes off to the moon. Just downloaded the updated Daedalus wallet and put my wallet and secrets folder in from my last one and …oh looky… wallet can’t connect to network.

The fucking wallet has to work flawlessly first before they will ever get taken seriously by “normies”


:joy: I actually sold my ADA because I was so frustrated with their slow ass wallet that takes hours to sync. No possible way every day people would deal with that foolishness. I was thinking about what would happen if it hit a price point where I wanted to sell and I had to wait 6 hours for the Daedalus wallet to sync…


Hate that wallet. I got out of cardano for that reason alone. They responded to my help ticket two weeks ago. I submitted it in January. No thanks barring big change.


Guys I’m Noob, I understand your frustration, I get it. But as far as I can see already in crypto space, everything takes time, same in life.


That’s what keeps me away fro this one


But as far as I can see already in crypto space, everything takes time, same in life.

We are not talking about something taking time,we are talking about something taking too much time! Big difference.


$10 per 1 ADA seems far fetched, but I do believe ADA has a bright future in the long term :slight_smile:


Their wallet definitely needs some work. To be fair, it’s at least better than IOTA’s wallet which set a low-bar when I used it back in 2017. Sent me into a fright every time I moved funds (but hey, maybe I’m just a dumbo).

Not 100% on their governance strategy, but we’ll see how that experiment pans out I guess.


Ada is a science project