Hmmm I cannot see the BIOS atm.
But I use the 4G option and I use the onboard Video for the display.

I followed this from when first installing my rigs:

If you have problems booting or supporting more than 4 GPUS:

  1. Make sure you are running the latest BIOS!
  2. Set device to boot from USB/pendrive
  3. Upgrade bios to newest (important !)
  4. Enable 4G encode
  5. Set PCIe support to Auto
  6. Enable onboard graphics to default (PEG - > IDG)
  7. Plug your monitor into the ONBOARD graphics

Here is a picture of how its connected:


Yea, all that is done.

It doesn’t make since. It’s got to be a hardware issue then.

I’ll plug the other one in tonight and see what happens.


BIOS Update and if that doesn’t work. change the Risers.
Those cheap China risers were my fault Nr. 1


Before I even begin setting up Windows I update the BIOS.


Within this topic you will see how I have the BIOS setup.


Steps to try:

Inspect the teeth of the PCI connectors carefully to ensure they’re all present and accounted for and no visible manufacturing defects there.

  1. Clean the GPU’s PCI connectors with alcohol and try again on the riser.
  2. Try a different riser.
  3. Try it all by itself on the problem motherboard, but different PCI slot.
  4. Try the GPU on a riser on a working, fully configured rig.



I have figured it out. With the ASUS Z270E Strix Gaming motherboard you must change an Onboard Device Configuration setting in the BIOS.

The pictures item must be set to PCIe_x1_2&4 for this motherboard to use the other PCIe slots 2 & 4. It has to do with where it sends power or prompts.


You are great for doing this.


Nice! Im trying to get on your level!


Once I get the rig up and running im going to post some pictures. You did a solid by figuring this out. Cant thank you enough!


Hmm… I don’t have this issue with Asus Prime Z270-A boards.

Great job finding this solution.


you’re right. When you order a box of 6, maybe 5 of them are working, but the cool thing is when you complain to these riser companies they send you a replacement one immediately.


Yea, this issue doesn’t exist with that motherboard. It’s just this one for some reason.


So far out of the 66 we ordered, only 1 has been faulty.


Hi BitVIP. i have nearly the same config as you, except I’m using only 2 of the GTX 1080 FTW’s on my rig so far. The trouble I’m running into is the GPU fans will not stay running. they will turn on during startup, however once Windows 10 starts, the fans turn off. Windows recognizes the 2 gpus and i have the latest bios and nvidia drivers. any thoughts here? Thanks


I have something similar but using an Asrock H110 on Windows 10 Pro. When I switch the rig over to Simpleminer everything runs well but I want to use Windows. Windows would only recognize the one GPU that I installed on the board but when putting the same card on a riser it would not detect. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Are you sure the riser isn’t faulty?
You are running power to the riser correct?

Detailed pictures of your setup helps.


Need more information like what @ImaginaryPi asked for along with what type of cards.


Thank you for such a quick response ImaginaryPi. Once I get home I will take & post those pictures. I switched Risers and nothing shown to be faulty. I just ordered an EVGA 1200 watt PSU, thinking that may have something to do with it. My First rig is 13 EVGA 1060gb with 2 EVGA 750 watt PSU. The Second rig has 2 EVGA GPUs, 1 is 1070TI FTW & 1 is 1060 6gb SC. This Second rig is powered and running well. While using fresh install on Windows 10 Pro the system was not showing anything on the screen at all until I installed the 1060 6gb onto the PCI Express slot on the board. I ran a full Windows update which recognized the 1060 6gb onboard but not the 1070TI that was on the attached Riser. After about an hour I decided to try this same set-up but on SimpleMiner. Here both cards were working but the 1070TI would not get over 20gh. I switched the 1070TI with a 1060 3gb that was on the First rig which seemed to work much better. Except now the 1070TI would not go above 22gh which led me to believe that I needed to purchase a bigger PSU that I am now waiting on. The two 1060 GPU’s that are now on the Second rig are working flawlessly. I will attach the pictures as soon as I get home from work. Thanks for any sort of help & suggestions. I also hope that my writing doesn’t confuse anyone reading.


This is the new rig

This is what I attempted to run on Windows 10. Now this motherboard is currently running Two 1060’s ( 3gb & 6gb ) using Simpleminer. Before I switched over to using SMOS both GPU’s were on which were one 1070TI FTW2 & one 1060 6gb. However, the 1070TI was not running full power which made me switch the GPU over to my First rig to check if anything was wrong with the GPU. Nothing was wrong with it at all. My first rig has two EVGA 750watt. My second rig only has one EVGA 750watt for now, I am waiting for my EVGA 1200watt to come in, which should be Friday. Again, these two photos (above & below) are of my second rig.