Celsius Network Thread

Any pubbers use Celsius Network? I have been depositing my BTC with them since the turn of the year and have found their service to be absolutely rock solid. Some information:

Celsius allows members to deposit crypto and earn compounding interest on their assets

Rates change on a weekly basis to reflect market demand. There are no minimum deposits, no fees, and instant withdrawals 24/7. Interest is paid weekly every Monday without fail.

Users can also use their crypto as collateral with which to take a USD loan.

Rates are extremely low and payments are flexible.

CEL is the native token of the service. It allows users to attain higher interest rates (those in green on the chart above) and pay less interest on cash loans, although the ability to earn in CEL is at the moment limited to those outside the US, since Celsius operates under the assumption that CEL is a security.

Celsius Network is run by one of the most legit people in the whole crypto space, Alex Mashinsky.

The company has recently announced that it has become profitable and self-sustaining, and last week disclosed that it had passed 50,000 in BTC deposits since operations began in 2018. It currently has over $600,000,000 in assets under management.

It honestly took me weeks to build up the courage to deposit my precious BTC with them, but having used the service for so long, I must say that I am delighted that I did. If anyone has any questions about Celsius please don’t hesitate to ask. If it is not against the Pub rules then I will post a referral link below which will earn us both $10 in BTC on an initial $200 deposit held for 30 days.

Referral code: 1526828fd8

Obviously not your keys, not your coins, etc. :slightly_smiling_face:

1% interest loans now available for a limited time only with crypto as collateral.

Again, if you would like to join Celsius, please consider using my referral code below :slight_smile:

Referral code: 1526828fd8

Interest rates this week

Interest rates May 22-29

Referral code: 1526828fd8

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