Chain Plus: New Era of Blockchain. Singapore event


Another day, another huge event in the crypto space.

Lets start with this breakdown;

Chain Plus is a blockchain brand summit led by The Blockchainer, a global multi-node super incubator. It has been successfully held in New York、 silicon valley、Berlin、Switzerland、Shanghai、 Seoul、 Tokyo and other cities. It focuses on blockchain finance , infrastructure, entertainment and other subdivisions. Resources based on multiple nodes in the world bring the latest and most cutting-edge information services and resource integration to the industry, and promote the block chain industry developed with healthy and sustainable.

Promoting and spreading the word of blockchain, is ever important. The brightest and most interested people with knowledge in this industry are ever present when attending events and promoting every last drop of knowledge they can, to try and help push blockchain to the people.

The bigger and bigger the names become, the more widespread the news can travel.

JP morgans Vice President Karana Seth

DBS Bank Markets and Technology Kelvin Tan

Finance has a large role to play in this growth, and we want our community to know, every update, along the way. We are very interested in what banks think of the new technology, and cant wait to learn more and more about the future and how it will affect us all.

We will be sponsoring parts of the event, and look forward to sharing more and more insights with you all.

For more event details, click here.

We hope you can look forward to insights after we return.

If you also are attending events, blockchain talks or want to share any updates, let us know in the comments below. Lets spread the word and improve our knowledge.

Will you be there?

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