Changes coming to Mining are very close now


In China, there is a Government directive to provide all Cloud Services (a massively growing sector in China), to be delivered on Low Power consumption ARM based Servers. This is one of the “Green Cloud Services” initiatives being promoted by the State.

Obviously, this is geared to promote and develop ARM based manufacturers in China that are State Owned Enterprises.

However, this has prompted several of these manufactures to start building MPSoC units.
(MPSoC = Multi-Processor System on Chip)

Which, in turn, has also promoted new designs of systems that include Machine Learning ARM Processors integrated into the single chip. The ML chips are basically “Programmable Logic” which is also known as a type of FPGA.

One that has been recently launched is:

While this unit is still very much at the start of what is to come, I would put down an even bet that ASIC’s will slowly be replaced with the MPSoC chips in the near future. The reason being, when an algorithm changes, the device can be updated using software to support the new algorithm, while still performing at a Hash per Watt rate better than that of ASIC’s that cannot change algorithms.

For those who wish to stay on the edge for Crypto Mining, keep your eye out on MPSoC designs that are coming down the line.

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Very interesting. Good post.


Avnet shows $249 Ultra96 Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC development board

Shipping starts in April 2019.

Xilinx is well known for their FPGA mining boards.

The above Rig averages $57 / day on Scrypt.

The new MPSoC boards will further reduce the costs of FPGA Mining, while significantly improving the hash per watt - that far exceeds anything else available (including many ASICs).

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