Chapter 5 - Resurrection

Chapter 5 - Resurrection

My mind was racing a million thoughts a second with thoughts of Bill and Janice. What could be happening to them, what has happened to them? I kept getting flashbacks to the days of when Bill and I were growing up and all the things we did together. All the times we had each other’s back when something would go wrong or when one of us needed a shoulder to cry on the other was there, the realization of him being gone was setting in and was starting to burn every inch of my body. My face was hot from the rage to whomever did this to him. The tears flooded down my face as I drove and I could feel a part of me dying inside. I have only felt this one other time, it was when my parents passed away. Bill was there with me at the funeral when I felt the cold lonely stab of that pain, that pain that just doesn’t let up when you lose a part of you. I have always felt that we are creatures who thrive off one another and when someone close to you dies a part of you dies as well. We were never meant to be alone but the pain we feel when we lose someone close to us is almost enough to keep us away from people so we don’t end up hurting them or feeling the pain of loss. Janice rushed into my head and I couldn’t help but wonder what was happening with her. I don’t know what I would do if I lost her as well. She can annoy the crap out of me at times with the things she does but she is the biggest piece of my heart. I had to stop thinking about what was happening back at the warehouse and get back to the station to come up with a plan of attack. I got out of the car and ran into the station to see Beth walking out.

“What’s a matter Ken?”

“Janice is fighting the Miller brothers and I think Bill’s dead.”

“What?! Where is Janice, I can go help her.”

“She can manage for now but we need to get some serious back up and a plan drawn up so we can fight the brothers.”

“Ken tell me where she is now so I can go help.”

“On 5th and Chestnut near an abandoned factory.”

“Okay I’m heading over there start getting back up and a plan together.”

“Be careful Beth.”

Beth turned and bolted out the door shape shifting as she jumped out the front doors of the station. The sun was rising and the light shined off of her thick black hair like a ray of hope. That’s all we could do now was hope for something to work out in our favor. I turned and headed for the Chief’s office to get him up to date on what was happening. I get to his office in time to see Overlord Nezthazarr walking out. Nezthazarr shoots me a menacing look and heads down to the Crypt’s, I walk into the office dumbfounded because I had never seen him before. The Demon’s that work for the force look rather normal in comparison to humans when they are transformed. When you hear demon you think ugly, grotesque, mutilated beings with horns and spikes and other weird markings and that’s what they are when they are in their normal form but they can take the shape of a human form. Mind you he was six feet nine inches tall and looked pretty intimidating but looked normal as well. As he walked into the darkness of the crypt I could see him transforming back to what we all know them as the ugly beings that they are.

“Um Chief what was he doing here?”

“We were discussing options.”

“What options?”

“How far we were ready to go on stopping this guy depending on how bad things got.”

“So what are our options?”

“Well we aren’t too sure yet but they don’t look good I can tell you that.”

“We need to get some backup out and devise a plan on stopping this guy and the Miller Brothers. Janice and Beth are out there right now probably fighting them.”

“The mages are having some trouble with trying to secure the station and making sure no one unwanted can get in and most of the Demons are uncooperative with the situation that has arisen.”

“What about the other trackers? Can’t they do something to help?”

“Beth and Janice are the two best trackers at fighting and frankly the only two I think that have any chance from walking away from a fight with the Miller brothers alive.”

I looked at him with such disarray; I couldn’t believe what he was saying. Were we really this unprepared for something like this? We were the people in this city that are here to protect everyone else and we can’t even protect ourselves. I couldn’t take another word of what he had to say. There had to be something or someone that could help us. I ran down to the Crypt past the glaring demons, past the old archives, and past the befuddled mages and came to the room that for the last fifteen years I had never gone into or had never had the desire to go into, The Room of All that is and isn’t. Yeah I always thought it was a stupid name for a room too especially since the door to the room looked like a broom closet but whatever I had this urge to see if our last chance was in there. I grabbed the knob and turned, not knowing what was behind the door. As the door swung open I look inside into a deep dark room with nothing in it. I hear the chief’s voice behind me and quickly turn around.

“You’re wasting your time Ken, there’s nothing in there.”

“How would you know?”

“Because Ken I’ve spent hours in there trying to find answers and have found nothing. The name we gave this room is ridiculous but think about the name and you find that answer. I’m going back up stairs to try and come up with a plan I suggest you don’t waste any time in there.”

I slowly closed the door hoping he was wrong and something would magically appear and save us. Realizing that Janice and Beth were still out fighting I ran back upstairs to my desk and tried to look up the file for the Miller brothers. Speaking of things magically happening I remembered one of the brothers had used magic on me. Maybe the file had some information on the brothers something they could use against the brothers when fighting them. The Miller brothers was a trio that was comprised of Ted who was the oldest and could use magic, Tim who was the middle brother and was deadly like an assassin and very skilled with weapons and hand to hand combat, and last was Tom who was the baby brother but was no baby in size. He was seven feet seven inches tall and weighed a good four hundred and fifty pounds. Tom was built like a semi and could crush a human with his bare hands. This was a deadly trio that together had no weaknesses but separate they were flawed. And like that I knew what we had to do. We were going to have to get them away from each other and deal with them individually. Tom was slow and dumb so we could have someone faster than him trick him into water because I bet at four hundred and fifty pounds he wasn’t a good swimmer. Ted was weak to physical contact if we could somehow get through his shield. The only real problem was figuring out Tim’s weakness. I decided I would go and try and find Janice and Beth and hop they were alive so they could retreat and we could make up some way to act on what I had just figured out. I headed back to the factory ditching my car a couple blocks away and stealthily made my way to the factory. About a block away I could hear fighting, I inched my way to the corner using a fence to hide my body. I peeked around the corner and saw Janice with both of her swords wielded fighting of Tim and Ted while Beth was dealing with Tom. The sight of these two beautiful women fighting was amazing. Janice was flipping through the air dodging magic attacks from Ted while deflecting weapon attacks from Tim who was attacking with relentless force. Beth was on the other side of the street dodging cars, trash cans, and many other objects being hurled at her by Tom who was also trying to grab her when she was able to come close enough to try and land an attack of her own. I have no idea how long this fight had been going on but both sides looked pretty tired.

“Why won’t you just die already you filthy angel.” says Ted after hurling another firebolt.

“Because I’m just having too much fun playing with ya’ll”

“Well I’m glad you’re having fun Janice but this isn’t exactly what I like to do in my free time.” growls Beth.

“Stupid cat stop biting me. Me no like bleeding”

“I’m not a cat you stupid fat cow.”

“I’m not a cow stupid furball.”

After that comment I see Tom grab a tree and rip it from the ground. I can only assume he’s going use it like a fly swatter on Beth. I whistle to try and get their attention which worked well enough I got the Miller’s to look too.

“Hey sweetie nice of you to join us but you better sit this one out.”

“Yeah you guys should probably ditch out soon too. Looks like Tom is going to try you guys out as batting practice.”

“Well I could use a drink or two, what about you Beth?”

“I’m all for a break sure.”

I see Beth dodge a swing from the tree and race over to me so I could hop on and make a quick escape. I jump on and see Janice block once last blow from Tim’s sword then dodge a firebolt from Ted and vanish off into the trees. Beth and I head off to my car a couple blocks away and drive back to the station.

“What were you doing there Ken?”

“Coming to see if you guys were alright and come get you guys to try and to finalize a plan.”

“Did you find something?”

“I figured out a few things that might help and some things I wish I didn’t know”

“Like what?”

“That we aren’t as prepared for something like this as I thought we were.”

“Well you know the Chief is the reason we are like this.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you remember that Janice and I are transferred from another city, we are the only two trackers who know
how to fight the others were never trained and you never wondered why that was so?”

“No but now you mention it I do see it.”

Why was it that we didn’t have more trackers who could fight, in fact the entire tracker division is rather weak in fighting and in numbers. There are only a handful of them. I think some more investigating needs to happen at the station about this and also about that room in the crypt.

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