Chapter 6 - The Crypt

Chapter 6 - The Crypt

As Beth and I get back to the station Janice is waiting for us there. She follows us inside and I head down to the Crypt to head to The Room of All that is and isn’t. As I reach the door I feel Beth’s hand on my shoulder and turn to her. She nods as to tell me she is right behind me. I open the door and we walk in, after a few steps in the door slams shut and locks.

“Well shit now what?” Janice says begrudgingly.

“I don’t know but you and Beth should stay close so we don’t get separated.”

At that moment oil lamps that are on the walls light up the room and it seems that the room stretches on forever. I look down the room and see an endless sea of lamps lining the wall into a black abyss. I have no idea what we are looking for but hopefully we found something. Suddenly we hear a voice coming from the abyss.


We all look at each other with confusion and try to think why we actually came. Neither Janice nor Beth have an answer and all I can think of is that it’s the only place that I actually know nothing about and decided that it would have what I’m looking for. What it is I’m looking for is an answer to what the hell has been going on lately and how we can stop it. Before I can answer I hear screams from behind me and I turn around and see that Janice and Beth are both gone. The voice speaks again but this time it’s a little closer.


“How do you know my name, who are you?


“But how can that be, isn’t that a contradiction, ironic, an oxymoron? If you exist then you can’t exist, thus creating a paradox?”


“Inner vision, like third eye or possibly something subconsciously?”


Suddenly the room starts to spin and I feel as if I am falling through the floor. The lights start to blur and head upwards, I find myself landing on a tile floor of black and white like a chess board. As I get up I look around and see I’m in a great hall that looks like a church. I realize it’s the church that my parents funeral was held in. I looked to the front of the hall and saw three caskets at the foot of the giant cross above a choir that was assembled in red gowns with white sashes. I didn’t know what to think but I walked forward to the caskets to see why they were there. The choir was quietly singing amazing grace and as I got closer I had this uneasy feeling in my gut. The caskets were all open and in them were Bill, Janice, and Beth. What the hell was going on, was I dreaming, and did something happen inside that room that I don’t remember?
Sitting on the floor trying to figure out what was happening I notice a man standing at the door of the church, I call out to him but no answer. I get up and look into Janice’s casket and see the necklace I gave her when we were first dating is around her neck. She looks so peaceful and as beautiful as the first time I ever saw her. The man at the door speaks to me.

“You could avoid all of this pain.”

“Is this not real?”

“This is as real as you want it to be.”

“Who are you?”

“Me? I am whoever you want me to be.”

“Then I want you to be a figment of my imagination and for all of this to go away.”

“If this is what you want then so be it, but before I go I will tell you this. What you seek and what you find are two different things. If you find the thing you seek then you will not find what you need to find to replace this outcome that is to be.”

Before I could ask him what he meant by what he said he vanished and once more the room began to spin and the walls became blurry. The room came to a stop and once I gained my bearings I noticed I was in my apartment. Weird thing was it was clean and had nice furnishings with pictures hung up on the wall. I moved closer to inspect the pictures and saw pictures of me and Janice and a couple of me and Bill. I saw a newspaper sitting on the coffee table that had the wrong date on it. It was three years from now but that can’t be. Am I going crazy and it really is the year it says it is? Out of the corner of my eye I see a blinking red light. It’s the answering machine and it is displaying a red blinking 1. I push the button and listen to the message on the machine.

“Ken the futures you have seen and will have are all dependant on your past. You need to search inside of you to find the past and the answers that it will show you will show you the way. Which way it shows you is up to you and the path that you take.”

All these riddles of finding this and seeking that, paths to take for future and things of my past, all of it is so confusing and I feel like I am finding nothing. Once again the room starts to spin and I feel myself fall to the floor. When I come to I hear people talking. I get up and see that this time I am at my place and I’m looking at myself talking to Janice. I realize that Janice and I look much younger and that I’m guessing I’m now in my past. I look really upset and Janice looks nonchalant as always then suddenly I remember the conversation. It’s the day me and Janice had the fight that ended our relationship. I listen in maybe to hear something that I might need to hear or forgot.

“Do you just not care about me or how I feel? All you do is call me late at night or come over when you feel at your leisure. You never take into account maybe I would like to see you during the day or actually do something like see a movie.”

“Well you never said anything so I just assumed all you wanted was what I was giving you. I’m not really wanting someone to tie me down and I thought we had something mutual.”

“How is coming over whenever you want for sex or just someone to lie next to mutual? I enjoy those things but I want more Janice, I want to be able to laugh and have fun with you while doing other things too.”

“I’m just not ready to give up my freedom darling I’m sorry I enjoy the simple things of being free and single.”

“So what you’re saying is I’m wasting my time if I am to expect more out of what we currently have.”

“Yes I guess that is what I’m saying, I still like you as a person Ken and we can still be friends and hangout and…”

“So basically I will be your call boy for whenever you are bored. Sounds awesome Janice, that’s exactly what
I’ve been looking for in life. Someone to call me when they want something yet ignore me whenever I might need something.”

“It’s not like that at all, we will still do stuff but as friends.”

“Just get out I’ve had enough just leave me alone.”

Janice turns to grab her purse and coat and heads for the door, pausing shortly at the door and looks at the younger version of me for a quick second then leaves. I see myself sitting in the chair with my head in my hands and hear the faint sound of muffled crying. I feel the pain of that day well up inside of me again and wonder why I have to relive this. What could possibly be the benefit to seeing this again. The room begins to spin as it has been doing periodically for the past few times and I began to wonder when will this torture stop. The ground beneath me feels different, I get up to find I am standing on grass and I’m outside. I look around to see I’m on a playground at what looks like an elementary school. I see a child sitting off in the distant and appears to be crying. The little boy looks to be about 12 with short jet black hair and fairly thin. His clothes look pretty ragged and possibly hand me downs. I notice a group of boys walking towards the child sitting down. One yells out to the boy sitting down,

“Hey Murphy still crying over you shitting your pants in class?”

“Yeah Murphy was it the color of your last name, Brown?”

The three boys erupt into laughter and I see a squid walking up behind the group. I instantly recognize the squid as Bill and remember the scene that is playing out before me. This was before I had arrived to what would later be a fight. Bill walks up and pushes one of the boys from behind knocking him to the ground.

“Leave him alone guys he’s been tortured enough.”

“Watch it Bill we have no problems with you,” says the boy on the ground.

“If you keep picking on him you will have a problem with me.”

“Well maybe you should have thought about that before you and Ken told everyone about it.”

“That may be true but he is our friend and we will look after him even if we did tell everyone. It was funny to a point now it has gone too far.”

“Ooooh Bill what are you going to do try to slap me with your tentacles, I’m so scared don’t hurt me.”

“That’s it I’ve had enough of your shit!”

Bill lunges forward and begins to what I would say is attempting to punch the boy but is probably more like slapping because of his tentacles. The other two boys try to remove Bill off of the other boy and this is where I see a 12 year old me run in and tackle one of them. The fight doesn’t last long because a couple teachers end up breaking it up. I see the teachers hauling off all the children except for the little boy. He is still there in the same spot, he didn’t even move during the fight. I feel like there is something about this child that I should know, when suddenly I see him look up and look directly in my direction. The cold stare that the child gave me suddenly flashed the image of the man who stared into me at the clock tower and I knew exactly who the man was. It can’t be, is Murphy Brown really the one behind all of this?

As I come to my senses after the room stops spinning I see im back in the room with endless sea of lamps lining the wall and a man is standing in front of me. I stand up and look at him to see if I can recognize him but he doesn’t have a face.

“Did you find what you were looking for?” says the faceless man

“I think so”

“Only you can know what it is you needed to choose the future you wanted from the ones you saw”

“How do you know that those are my only two futures?”

The faceless man sighs, “I am the all knowing and know nothing, I am all that is and all that isn’t”

“Right I remember now well how the hell do I get out?”

The faceless man lifts his arm and points behind me. As I turn around I see a door that has light shining through it from the other side. I walk towards the door and open it to find Janice and Beth waiting on the other side back in the hallway of the crypt.

“You alright darling? You don’t look so good.”

“Im fine Janice, what happened to you two?”

“Well I dunno one second we are with you then the next Beth and I are outside in the hallway and the door is locked.”

“Well I may have an idea of who it is that is doing all this but I’m not too sure on how to stop him.”

“Well who is it darling?”

“Murphy Brown.”

Beth and Janice look at each other and shrug so I let them in on the story of who he is. Murphy Brown was a boy Bill and I had befriended back in middle school but lost touch with after High School. Murphy was from a poor family of 8 children which he was the youngest. He pretty much kept to himself unless he was with Bill and I. We would go off on adventures throughout the city and pretend to be explorers. I told them the story of us playing where we were wizards and warriors. Murphy always liked to be a Mage but a dark one who would yield dark magic for good. Bill and I were more into combat characters so it helped with our adventures to have some magic. It wasn’t real magic but you could tell Murphy wished it was. One day at school Murphy was really sick and ended up shitting his pants. Bill and I thought it was hilarious so we told a couple people. Word got around and Murphy was made fun of over it. I never realized how badly it may have hurt him and shaped him into the person he is today.

“Murphy must have felt betrayed by Bill and me because we were his best friends.”

“So what does this have to do with the Millers?” Janice interjects.

“I’m sure he wants revenge on everyone throughout his life that has wronged him and is using the Miller’s to enact that revenge.”

“Well now we know who it is we can stop him right?” Beth asks.

“I’m not sure it will be easy but it gives us some information to work with. Beth, see if you can find anything on
Murphy in the system. Janice, go see if you can hear anything out on the streets.”

Janice and Beth nod and take leave to do the tasks. I plop onto my desk chair and begin to try and remember everything from my childhood with Murphy in it. My mind is racing at this point with thoughts of us playing, what happened to Bill, and what is Murphy planning next when it hits me. The old playground at the edge of town near the forest, the place where we would adventure and explore, there was an old warehouse. That must be where they are hiding out.

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