Charting crypto gains and possible patron upgrade

Starting to make an excel spread sheet of all crypto purchases, and my one sell. If my gains are high enough I will upgrade my membership.

  1. How useful do you guys find the discord chats?
  2. Have they helped your gains?

All knowledge is appreciated.


The knowledge you need is this info is invaluable. Give back. Good karma. Great community.


This board isn’t for Peter and John. Sounds odd huh? They make so much off of us?!
I doubt it.

They are here for us. This board is here for us. They build shit for us. For crypto.

It is a small investment to better your investment strategy. Peter is on discord constantly. We talk serious life lessons and have some good laughs. We, this board, the Patrons, are family. You support family…especially when it supports you back.

It is your money. Spend it how you will. I suggest wisely.


I’ll let others share their thoughts, but, many folks get what they put in… as a general rule of thumb.

Most folks who eventually leave Patreon never really tried to invest time into the community to reap the benefit.

|_・) |・ω・`)


Honestly for me I spend way more time chatting on Discord than here in the forums even though I check them a couple of times a day.

For me I enjoy helping people out personally and can do that in discord on the forums you have everyone throwing in every possible opinion which confuses the crap out even me on topics I fully understand let alone someone just beginning. With regard to this most of the things I help with are mining related questions.

There is a lot of good info, chats, and perspectives on discord that is not shared here on the forums I think partly for the same reason I posted above. One thing that I have noticed is that the discord chat quality has somewhat diminished as the originals fade. It seems every other post in the trading and general sometimes is “Anyone into (post low crap coin here)?” Mining channel is a different story and general has some good discussions with @peter and @john. If you are into appdev there is a channel for it that seems pretty active not into it myself so can’t speak to what is actually being discussed.

To get discord access is relatively cheap so my advice is try it out for a month or two (price of an ok meal out) and see for yourself. It has its ups and downs just as everything in life.


Finished my crypto excel sheet days ago. I have not even bothered to figure out how much I am up or down. I am here for the long hodl.
Like 2035, for real.
I upgraded my patron status. Will upgrade again if we hit some stupid highs, cause I will take profits. Maybe 5% tops.
Still planing on building a full node, supporting the lightning network, and mining. The pub and discord will be my guides. Pub has already given me good info to start this journey.


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