Claymore suddenly went from detecting 6 GPUs to 3 GPUS [SOLVED]


Ive looked around and I cant seem to find anybody who’s had this problem :frowning: I’ve reinstalled drivers multiple times and I’m unsure of how it could be overheating when my gpus are running at stock settings. Just real weird


overheating doesnt just need to be from the cards themselves. the enviornment, spacing, other components could also be contrubuting. could be bad cables or risers or power supply as well.


I think i fixed it… i unplugged all cables from psu and found the cable responsible for powering three of the “nonworking” gpus. Turns out the pin was messed up. I can finally stop annoying yall haha


Howdy all

I had to rebuild my miner and downloaded the latest version. I was getting error 15 when using version 11.8 of the claymore miner. This error was happening after approximately one hour of mining. I reverted to version 10.1, which solved this error.