Cloudcoin sponsors Freedomfest in Vegas. What is it?


I’m seeing a lot about this particular coin, not sure how it even fits into crypto currencies community. It seems to have a team, Tech, and a product. I might also add that they have capital because they are one of the top sponsors at Freedomfest… Anyone else know looked into this coin or has a better understanding of how it works? Coin Link —>


Cloud coin…see crypto Connie on you tube…there are a couple great interviews with Sean Worthington and Stan Larimar re:Cloud coins


See Crypto Connie on you tube…a couple great interviews with Sean Worthington off cloud coin and Stan Larimar of bitshares!!!


Thank you, I will look her up. I gather this is something new that isn’t on the blockchain but they are working with bitshares to get on the blockchain?


Hi! I stumbled into your Post here through a Google Search about CloudCoin. First of all, be aware that my opinion could be misconstrued as bias because I purchased a small portion of CloudCoin a year ago August. Ummm, my own view is that crypto currencies are basically the result of evolving technology and software. The ‘blockchain’ which birthed the major Coins of today is now ten years old and, not surprisingly, is now at risk of obsolescence by the advent of the superior technology known as ‘digital currency’ … (as opposed to ‘crypto currency’). Similar to the Tulip hysteria of the mid 1600’s, the intrinsic value of blockchain coins today are as an asset … an speculative investment. That’s because blockchain coins fail as a practical utility; their ability to behave as both a consumer and retail instrument is essentially non-existent. CloudCoin has the potential to be everything that the blockchain coins promised to become … but which failed to deliver. Having said that, the blockchain technology is now best left for commercial use … eg: distributed business inventory and/or records keeping … because it’s dinosaur technology has proven to be woefully inadequate to host currencies. CloudCoin is not attached to the dysfunctional blockchain technology, and for that reason it’s not a ‘crypto currency’ per se … rather, it’s a ‘digital currency’. I’m not saying that CloudCoins are something near miracle coins. The CloudCoin is simply FAR more functional than any available blockchain coin today. CloudCoin has the potential to become disruptive and threatening to the blockchain and, because of that alone, I expect to witness a coin-culture-war of sorts because of many being manically attached to the blockchain today. It’s gonna’ be like the days of BETA vs VHS … :slight_smile:


That is where my mind was going while doing some research and listening to some interviews… If Cloudcoin can bask up what they claim than this could be the proverbial unicorn of the new age of currencies. I was just shocked that no one seems to know anything about them after a year of working on the project… I can imagine this would be abrasive to those who have an emotional attachment to the blockchain instead of taking in all options and making things work together… Who knows, this could be real and both could function hand and hand like you said one being geared for commercial use and the other being for more professional usage. I also had the analogy of Myspace and Facebook when looking into this, just like the BETA vs VHS… The Tech seems to be intriguing to someone who is merely a layman when it comes down to it, but would it be worth throwing a few bucks into it and see what grows…


My genes are supposedly part Spanish because my age has now past ‘Senior’. But I was there before the arrival of what we know now as the Internet and E-Mail … when a 24baud modem sold for $1000 . When first seeing the elements of E-Mail, I whispered to myself something like, “Oops! The Post Office will soon be gone!”. This is what we’re witnessing today with the arrival of the RAIDA technology behind CloudCoin. The blockchain crypto-coins are nearing their deserved end. But let’s not fool ourselves, like Weed Killer and the Mouse Trap, CloudCoin will most certainly be replicated in many different forms during the coming months/years. Anyways, ponder this thought: 106 predominant blockchain coins are listed at … 66 of the 106 are valued at below $2 … a further 30 are valued at less than $100 … only 7 have a listed value in excess of $100 . Yet, none of these blockchain coins possess the all-inclusive consumer/retail functionality of CloudCoin. I suspect that the BitCoin craze-mania today is the result of mindless hysterics … if not outright fraud. CloudCoin is selling Peer-to-Peer today for 'bout 5cents each. If/When it becomes Listed on a Coin Exchange, it should rightly dwarf those blockchain coins now selling for $2 or less. But don’t bet yer house on it! :slight_smile:


From what I gather, my opinion alone, this has a better chance at financial growth than buying a lottery ticket… This is like some futuristic stuff when looking at the blockchain and all the coins on it. I’ve never been one to dabbled in the altcoins… strictly a small piece of bitcoin and some Chuck Lee’s, but this is really interesting… Again, if the cloudcoin people can back up what they claim…


I don’t own a single blockchain currency. A year ago, I read an intriguing article about RAIDA, ( ) and became was ‘sold’, (as some might say). Afterwards, I contacted S. Worthington and bought 3,000 CloudCoins. Yes, there’s been occasions when I’ve had some doubts … not so much about the technology … more about the CloudCoin Project itself and the several delays an’ stuff since. Regardless, I’m in for $100 and I’m enjoying the ride. :slight_smile:


Their BIG sponsorship of FreedomFest should be huge with the Libertarian movement and their hatred of the Fed and Fiat money… I’m sure they will turn some heads with the coin with this crowd… A nickle a piece, that would be fun to watch go up… Like owning Bitcoin 7 years ago…


FreedomFest … Yesterday, I browsed their HomePage and my eyes painfully squinted because I’m profoundly opposed to most of the political ideologies being celebrated. :slight_smile:
I am to understand that the JPG graphics on the face of the CloudCoins is meeting some resistance within some ‘left-leaning’ countries. (Consequently, there appears to be some kinna’ plan to replace the ‘Libertarian Fathers’ with an image of the CC Logo).
Let there be no doubt: digital currencies will eventually be confiscated by these same ‘libertarians’ and others, who now vehemently mistrust the governing authorities … a replay of FDR’s 1933 act. New lyrics to the song ‘American Pie’ will be heard: “The Day That Crypto Died”. .


I must give you this, I have found out more about cloudcoin talking to you than I have anywhere else… All I can pull up are soundbites from obscure radio talk shows and a YouTube channel with no followers. lol It seems the guy who invented cloudcoin is a genius but he has no idea how to tell people about it because you can’t find nothing through normal channels… You should be a marketer for cloudcoin… Thanks for all the info…


I’m pleased to have been some info-help to you. :slight_smile: Your observation that CloudCoin has an exceedingly poor marketing/promotional strategy is irrefutable … at least, with the evidence thusfar, After having watched and listened to two dozen ‘er more of ‘em … not to mention viewing his weekly ‘FaceBook Live’ updates … I’ve long since been suspicious about why near 99% of Worthington’s past audio/video interviews were conducted by persons who self-admitted a dismal knowledge of ‘crypto-currency’. This resulted in no hard questions being asked , and no hard answers needing to being given. In my opinion, the marketing failures of CloudCoin risk it becoming jus’ another one of those largest success of failure projects … at least, insofar as marketing and PR-promotionals are concerned.
Ummm, then there’s the added attraction of the amateurish ‘Crypto Connie’ and her ‘BlueRock Talk’ interviews. Another self-admitted crypto-currency novice who fondly continues to chase/stalk both the CloudCoin and BitShares projects. Her commentary oftentimes seems more appropriate for someone striving to elevate some individual(s) into sainthood ‘er sumthin’. The ‘Crypto Connie’ interviews leave me feeling like someone is tryin’ tuh sell me a ‘Pet Rock’ ‘er sumthin’. (Remember the ‘Pet Rock’ craze of the mid-70’s? Or, the ‘Beanie Babies’ hysteria of the late 90’s?).
Anyways, because Worthington has never boasted to be anything more than a ‘computer geek’ … an inventor … it would be grossly unfair for anyone to demand that he instantly own the skill-sets of a ‘miracle entrepreneur’. It’s an enormous learning-curve to bring a new idea to the marketplace. So, in that respect, I admire his ability and prowess to learn-on-the-fly. He’s accomplished some remarkable things for which he deserves congratulatory sentiment.


Speaking of marketing, I looked into the DFN “Digital Frontier News” Apparently a business that didn’t exist a year ago and the guy that runs it “Bob Cefail” has a record of starting up fly by night business and even reported scams going back to 2007… I wanted to google people around the project… I think the coin and RAIDA is real but I think this dude is playing Worthington and pulling a fast one on him. I can see where he is asking for investors for his projects he is wanting to launch of the RAIDA platform, Bob Cefail that is. Clearly if this guy is their marketing guru, he is doing a poor job or maybe he is only looking for gullible people who know nothing about crypto and marketing to them so they invest in his projects. I don’t know… Just some red flags that seem to go up with me… You should google this guy for yourself… Below is just one copy of a posting I found on him. Again, I don’t think its the Cloudcoin team or the tech itself but just this idiot. …

St. Charles the FacilitatorDecember 19, 2011 at 8:51 AM
Here it is - December and still no refund from Bob Cefail, the owner of Automated Business a/k/a ABB.


adamFebruary 1, 2012 at 8:09 PM
Oh No…i think my company is tied up with this guy. I have had a terrible feeling about him all along. how does he get away with this stuff?


jimJanuary 6, 2018 at 5:58 PM
Now he has DCG pushing Cloudcoin. In his webinars he comes across as an Amway spokesman. I dont really like him. He is going to kill cloudcoin.


Bloggers BlockApril 23, 2018 at 5:00 PM
Robert Cefail is now pushing CloudCoin, through his new reinvented scam Digital Frontier Marketing. He is pushing trading software Vantage Point for another proven scammer. He is also pushing a crypto in celebrity collectibles. Huge CAVEAT EMPTOR and spread the word far and wide.



Hi! I’m relieved that you introduced this comment … I too continue to have lingering suspicions concerning the CloudCoin, Celebrium and BitShares projects. Perhaps, we should also include the ‘Arise Bank’ project into the mix as well. (‘Arise Bank’ is currently facing SEC charges related to an alleged 600 $million$ ICO fraud).
Larimer, Worthington and Arise CEO, Jared Rice, have together claimed a working relationship with each other. CLICK
I’m neither an investigator, detective nor a forensic accountant. I’ve simply read about the goings-on and my suspicions say that these 3-4 actors could possibly become unraveled as a self-demolition derby.
Yet, CloudCoin continues to show progress as a viable product … which is a most pestering positive. Perhaps, Worthington’s enthusiasm for his invention didn’t have him immune from wrongful associations … his lack of entrepreneurial acumen could have easily invited unforeseen troubles and attachments to suspicious actors. I honestly don’t know what to make of many issues which have arisen concerning the CloudCoin project. As I stated earlier, “Don’t bet your house!”, on CloudCoin or any other project which is jus’ getting off the ground. For instance: CloudCoin was scheduled to be Listed on BitShares July 11th. Evidently, it’s been delayed. Now, we’re hearing talk about it being meshed with EOS/Quint … which I expect will delay its Exchange Listing even further than first proposed. As the HillStreet Sergeant Phil was fond of saying, “Hey, let’s be careful out there!”


New Users can only include 2 URLs/Links … here are two more which I had to edit-out:




I have heard of Bitshares and Cloudcoin teaming up to be on their exchange. I also noticed something with EOS in an email they just sent to me although I haven’t had time to look fully through it. I wasn’t aware of Arise Bank in regards to the partnership or even the existence of such bank. I’m not sure I can stomach another Connie Willis video. However you are right abot the way she has become a sycophant of Sean and Larimer with her videos… Side note; Why is she the only source of breaking news? Why no media releases or anything regarding these partnerships with cloudcoin? Question, are they hiding from the crypto community or being ignored? Like I said when I first noticed the other day, this project seems like a big deal not to have at least something out there to look at besides Crypto Connie videos that only have a few hundred views… So, is Cloudcoin a viable project that has simply been steered wrong by a bunch of opportunist that are taking advantage of Sean Worthington and his invention, or is this just empty promises and a bitconnect hoax? If the later is the case, why didn’t they go immediately into the crypto community where people line up to get scamed? This is just like a soap opera mystery… Sad thing is they might have the biggest breakthrough since 2009 and a group of armatures are going to flush it down the toilet?


Hi! From what I understand, still developing advanced software,refining websites.Sean has spoken at F.F, next Chicago Money Expo and then San Francisco Money Show.As I understand it the next phase, called Marketing will not kick off until Nov.or Dec.2018. I believe that they are progressing slowly , but surely and carefully. The bitshares will provide an exchange platform . This genius, Sean Worthington, is from a smaller Nor Cal city…not Silicone Valley!!!Cloud Coins are powered by RAIDA.Raida is much better than blockchain because it transacted super fast and at a hi volume.You might like to read the post on Facebook re:no need to clone the coin


If you are comparing the value of CloudCoin to fiat money, then you can expect its value to rise should it gain acceptance. It still has value, but if nobody will trade with you, then it will be like having a casino chip without the tables and slots. But the value should rise against fiat as the fiat becomes as worthless as it really is.