Club Wyndham Resort Ownership for Sale!


Time for you to take all that money you’ve made and go on a well deserved VACATION!! I am the full owner of CLUB WYNDHAM SILVER OWNER, where you can use 105,000 points every year to stay at Wyndham Resorts all over the WORLD!!!

It’s yours for only 1.5 BITCOINS. This includes all the perks and benefits and all paperwork. Please DM me if you have questions. Thank you.


Oh. This is … interesting.


$1.5M vacation that is…


For Sure!! I have 195,000 Bonus points (top of the 105,000); unfortunately, those won’t transfer to the new owner. HOWEVER, before we transfer names, I can use those bonus points for the buyer so he/she won’t miss out. Wyndham Resorts are bad ass, and what’s great is that you can use these points all over the world…plus they are always adding locations.


Yo!!! One bitcoin will do it for me guys. Thanks and take care.


Sounds like a timeshare holiday club. Like Club La Costa vacation club.


It is very similar yes. But Wyndham Resorts Ownership has much more perks and choices across the world, including the U.S., Asia, Europe, and more. Buyer would be the owner of a great package and awesome resorts.


I think for someone seriously debating to buy this we need more information. maybe something scanned too. Especially if the vacation is supposed to cost 15 thousand dollars lol


Good point. I will get some things gathered and post. Thanks.


15000 dollar vacation…damn :slight_smile: Must be one hell of sweet vacay then.


Lol! Ok guys I know bitcoin has been goin up. But remember this is a
lifetime ownership. You will be the owner of resorts all over the world,
not just in one state or country. And for those that bought bitcoin at a
lower price, this ownership might just cost you a few hundred dollars or
less! I’m not at home now, but this weekend I will work on posting docs and
pics. Price is negotiable btw. Resort ownerships like this can cost in the


So I have to buy the right to use points (not even sure how those are acquired) in order to get a free stay at a specific resort?

Call me skeptical, but I’m a bit hesitant to spend a small fortune on this…

Also, I don’t have anywhere near that much money to toss into BTC


It’s ok. I understand your questioning. I’ll send a bunch more infor this
weekend. And if someone is interested cool, if not that’s ok too. I ain’t
the scamming type, I wouldn’t dare do that to anyone, especially pub buds.


Would you be okay with posting it publicly? Sorry, I believe it is vital to press for offers to be made public for commentary and analysis. That way we as a group can analyze it and share ideas :slight_smile:


Yes of course. And my replies should be coming out publicly. Just takes a
bit to come out in the pub. But I’ll double check.


Ok, as promised, here is more detailed information on my Wyndham Vacation Resort Ownership. For some, this may not be ideal if you don’t travel much; however, if you do, this is great for you and your family. Here is the breakdown:

  • You will be the owner of Club Wyndham Plus “Silver Ownership”.
  • Every year you get 105,000 points to use for beautiful Wyndham Resorts around the world.
  • You become part of the RCI community, the worldwide leader in vacation exchange services.
    If you don’t get to use your points, you can transfer to RCI, where you can choose from more
    than 4,000 RCI affiliated resorts in approximately 100 countries around the world.
  • Easy online access makes it easy to reserve your resort.

You can find more detailed information and resorts at

You can also find more RCI information at
or just google RCI.

I’ve paid off my Club Wyndham Plus loan, so I have 100% ownership. I will pay all fees associated with transferring ownership. There is a $61 a month maintenance fee to Wyndham. This package costs me $16k but I am willing to let it go for less (negotiable) with Bitcoin or Ether. This is a great investment, it’s like purchasing your own place but not having to settle in one city. You will have a place to stay almost everywhere in the world. There is much more, serious buyers will be given an appointment for a three way call with Wyndham and myself. Thank you and please do not hesitate to ask me anything.


How many days will the 100K points buy on average?
If its so great why are you selling?


It depends on the resort and the location. The owner can login into their websites and navigate through many resorts around the world and they break down how many points you would need. As far as why am I selling? Simple, I haven’t traveled in awhile and don’t plan to. Now I have to concentrate on putting my kids through college. I rather sell it to someone who will benefit from it. Thanks for your inquire.


This sounds like buying a promise where the conditions can change at any point.

Do you have any contractual language and/or resources that represent the promise of value? I’d love to see the legal contract if you have it. Please omit all personal details.


Unless you holiday a lot, these timeshares are not worth it. I relinquished my timeshare with Club La Costa at a loss of 20000 pounds (GBP). The annual maintenance fees increased every year. Ask yourself, how many holidays you will take to make it worthwhile.