Club Wyndham Resort Ownership for Sale!


To add to this, how do we see the price of said resorts change over the years? 2 decades ago, resorts were crazy expensive. Nowadays with tech, research, development, etc. we see the prices substantially lower.

When it comes to these things, I always ask myself “How are they making extra money by offering me a service?” and if I cannot find their method, I don’t want to participate.


I do have the contracts, I can try to email them to you.


I agree that this is for a person who likes to travel. In my opinion, this
package gives you way more options than Club La Costa. My monthly
maintenance fees have not increased on more than 3 years.


Would it be better posted here publicly?


Sure thing. I’ll try to work on it this weekend, if not, it won’t be until after the holidays.


You are not giving any usable data. This seems like a pretty bad scam to me… go scam somewhere else “chaching”


You’re opinion is appreciated. Thank you.


It’s not a scam, but you need to be able to take the holidays to make it worthwhile. I stopped using Club La Costa after immigrating to Australia from Europe.




Interested to know how this worked out, did anyone take up your offer ?


Hey what’s up, nobody took my offer…too much FUD on this I guess. Some think it’s a scam for whatever reason. It’s a great opportunity but only if you like and have time to travel. That’s the only reason I don’t want it anymore, I just don’t have the time.


Hi, I just have a question about points. I live in Hawaii so using the points would be no problem for me as I saw 3 locations just on my island, 19 total. I want to know how many points on average would the Waikiki locations be? Beachwalk particularly. How many points for the regular room and then how many for the best you could get. That would let me know based on the yearly 100,000 points plus 61 per month fee exactly what I would get. I know how expensive the resorts are per night so I can gage if this would be worth it or not based on info on points. If it is still available I would really appreciate the info. Thank you, I appreciate it!


We’ll be going to Hawaii for vacation sometime I believe. We should hit you up for tips! Haven’t been there in over 20 years…


Is it that same as all other timeshares? They grow the “owners” fees then they re sell at full price all the rooms that are worth money to outsiders and you are left with red weeks nobody wants in condos etc that are not near water…my parents have one. They have spent 15 years trying to sell it off but can’t find a bigger chump than they were


For sure, would be honored to give tips on Hawaii to the Dogelord!:blush:


Hi Malia,

I apologize for not being able to respond, my work schedule has been killing me. I’ll Get you some answers this week. Thanks for your interest.


I edited the title because it was clearly misleading. There is no way to earn the vacation. All it is, is that someone pays you 1.5 BTC for the resort stay.


Hello Malia,

For Hawaii my Club Wyhndham has:
Kaanapali Beach

The Wyndham at Waikiki Beach Walk: Sun-Thur 18K points per night (1 bedroom suite) or up to 66,000 per night 4 bedroom Presidential Upper. Fri-Sat 32K 1 bedroom suite or up to 110k for 4 bedroom presidential upper.

Wyndham Vacation Resorts Royal Garden at Waikiki: Sun-Thur Its low end is 16k for studio or Studio-J (Asian Inspired) or up to 48K 2 bedroom presidential. Fri-Sat low end is 30K Studio or Studio-J and 80K 2 bedroom Presidential.

This is just for Honolulu. Let me know if you want to know the points per night at other Hawaii locations. You can DM me if you’d like.


I like your new title a lot but ptevious title wasn’t saying earn a vacation , it was saying you’ve earned it. A figure of speech. I wasnt aware people have the ability to edit, alter or censor other’s posts on this site?


I know right! But thank you for your nice words. I DMd that person.