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I see alot of people excited about different alt coins everyday. I also see people making calls for different coins to spike or drop or go to the moon. This is all fantastic… although i’ve noticed a lack of description for coins, so i wanted to create a resource where people can get a quick Idea about what a certain coin is, the platform, and what exectly the project is all about. This will be expanded in time.

I’ve also included links to the whitepapers for the coins, so you can get an even more indepth understanding if you so choose.

BitCoin (BTC) - BlockChain Ecomony
BitCoin Whitepaper
BitCoin was the first blockchain based currency. It is often misdescribed as digital currency but it is actually the original decentralized economy. BitCoin transactions are confirmed through mined Proof of Work/Mining.

Ethereum (ETC) Smart Contract Based BlockChain Economy
Ethereum Whitepaper
Ethereum was the first BlockChain economy (like Bitcoin) to introduce smart contracts. Ethereum is a decentralized platform for DevApps utulizing trustful automized smart contracts. Ethereum transactions are confirmed through Proof of Work/Mining

LiteCoin (LTC) - BlockChain Economy
LiteCoin Wiki
LiteCoin is a BlockChain based coin that has looked to improve on the longer transaction times of BitCoin. While transfers are not “instant” they are among the fastest to transfer among tethered coins. LiteCoin transactions are proof of work/mined.

Dash (DASH) - BlockChain Economy
Dash Whitepaper
Dash is a BlockChain bases decentralized economy similar to BitCoin that focuses on giving bigger rewards to hosted “master nodes” which help ensure fast confirmations of transactions on the block chain. Dash also puts a heavy focus on marketing and education people about crypto currency. Dash is a Proof of Work/Mined for transactions.

NEO (NEO) - Smart Economy/Smart Contract Base BlockChain Economy
NEO Whitepaper
NEO, like Ethereum, is a blockchain ecnomony that utilizes smart contracts. NEO has improved on Ethereums model creating their “Smart Economy” which utilizes digital assets, digital identities along with smart contracts which are programmable in many common languardes such as JavaSCRIPT and C#. NEO transacations proof of stake and pays a GAS dividend. NEO was created by Da Hongfei and has been refered to as “China’s Ethereum.”

OmiseGo (OMG) - Decentralized Payment Platform
OmiseGo Whitepaper
OmiseGo is an alt coin platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. They look to solve the problem with paying for transactions in the real world using crypto currency while not introducing a centralized authority. OmiseGO usses “eWallets” and eventually physical cards to allow users to isntantly transfer payments to merchants using their crypto currencies.

TenX (PAY) - Decentralied Payment Platform/Debit Card
TenX Whitepaper
TenX is a BlockChain based “isntant pay” token that utilizes debit cards to be able to spend your TenX tokens in the real world. They utilize their “COMIT” protocol to gaurantee safe and secure transactions oftheir tokens.

TokenCard (TKN) - Decentralied Payment Platform/Debit Card
TokenCard Whitepaper
TokenCard is a payment platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that utilizes a debit card to fund, pay, and withdraw via ATM ERC20 tokens. They have introduced a “Cash and Burn” system where users can destroy their tokens to earn a prorated portion of licesning fees.

Monaco (MCO) - Decentralied Payment Platform/Debit Card
Monaco Whitepaper
Monaco is a payment platform based on the ehtereym blockchain that utilizes a debit card to pay for merchant services in real work applications. Monaco utilizes a form of dividend/profit sharing for those that funded their initial coin offering.

Monero (XMR) - Anonymous BlockChain
Monero Whitepaper
While users on most/all blockchains are anonymous, Monero looks to improve on the privacy and security of BitCoin by making all users completely anonymous and all transfers untraceable back to any one individual.

AdEx (ADEX) - Advertising Platform
AdEx Whitepaper
Adex is a decentralized ad network that looks to provide transparency among costs an fees among networks of advertising agencies. Beyond its use of the BlockChain, Adex looks to grab a hold of the market developing Video On Demand ads and subscription based web browsing ad platforms.

Edgeless (EDG) - Online Casino/Smart Contract Betting
Edgeless Whitepaper
Edgeless is a 0% house edge online casino that utilizes smart contracts for betting to maintain complete trust between the house and the gamblers as well as provide 100% transparent earnings to stakeholders. Edgeless pays out dividends to its stake holders by issuing a free lottery of 40% of their earning every month.

Ripple (XRP) - Financial Transaction Platform
Ripple Whitepaper
Ripple is a decentralized blockchain platform geared towards financial institutions allowing them to process their customers’ payments anywhere in the world instantly, reliably and cost-effectively. Banks and payment providers can use the digital asset/ripple token to further reduce their costs and access new markets.

Syscoin (SYS) - Online Marketplace/BlockChain DNS
Syscoin Whitepaper
Syscoin is a blockchain based online marketplace similar to ebay or amazon. Syscoin’s platform creates a DNS type platform linking wallet addresses to usernames to allow users to advertise, trade, and sell products.

Please let me know if I have any inaccuracies.

**** MORE TO COME ***

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Thank you very much for taking the time to break this down for us newcomers in crypto.


@peter I will give you the honor of adding the coin-pedia entry for dodgecoin. i dont think i could do it justice anyhow and your more witty them me for sure


Whoa. This could become an amazing resource!


Finally!! This is awesome!! Also it would help to have which country they are based out of seeing as more coins are going that route as well. It would help sort out those that are named after certain places, which are actually not or named after people, or celebrity sponsored or not.


Also as it gets updated, to state which platforms they are attached to… or forked from.


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I like that you acknowledge advertising platforms like ADX. There is also ADT which also looks promising. They have a much smaller marketcap and an exciting, if somewhat pretentious roadmap. Nobody really likes advertising, but it’s highly efficacious economically speaking, and if it can be done efficiently and non-invasively, then it’s a win win.

It also helps to break the coins up into categories or generas. I see you have Edgeless for gambling, of course there is also FUNFAIR, which in my opinion is the better platform because they seem to have a better understanding of probability theory and how to integrate it onto the blockchain.

Also, related to gambling is the gaming genera, with coins like MANA, VOX, XP, UKG, etc.

And of course don’t forget the prediction market platforms like Augyr and Gnosis. Gnosis is interesting. One of their goals is to aggregate information for use in decision making processes at the governmental level. Notably, they received a grant from the Etherium Foundation to do research in Futurarchy.


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This is awesome!!!

I’ve been working on something like this as well. If you are up for it maybe could start having members post any additions in thread to try to get a final product of a bad ass coin encyclopedia

Some more ideas to go with each link I’ve been jotting down. Some involve more personal bias then I’d like in an encyclopedia but still seemed useful:

Road map link, with rating of how realistic it is and if progress is updated.

Implications of successful steps coin takes (like consequences of lightning network for example)

Partnerships - official, info that is unofficial. This would include companies using the currency

People involved, with links to past projects and any valid notes on them.

Dependencies. Is the token tied to another? (ex. could etherium fail somehow or become unpractical affect it)



Supportive- how a chain dedicated to transparent advertising tied with a vote counting chain would prevent a lot of issues dealing with elections

Industries affected- like in the above examples block chain would change politics and possibly even corperate structures.

Advertising plans, including social marketing campaigns, as well as exchanges or external advertising (like coinbase adding another right now would be a pretty big add in its own way)

I don’t know if all of these are good ideas but if we can get some consensus on more data I can dig in and send whatever I find :metal:


This is very cool thanks a lot. I also find this link useful FYI:


@john @peter I see no one has posted to this thread for a while. I was in my exodus wallet the other day and saw that they have a very similar description and category of alt coins already in there. Don’t think it would be hard / a bad thing to just copy and past it here for the rest of the pub to have something easy and all in one place to read.