Coin Puffs 'Search' Bug?



Hopefully its just me or my computer. Search is not working on Coinpuffs. Wont search anything. Search ticker, hit enter, and nothing. My apologies in advance if this is my problem and not Coinpuffs.


I’ve been having the same problem! i thought it was my computer, can someone hit peter up…


Peter reads eveything. Dont worry abt it; )


So why the ‘poopy’ icon if you dont mind me asking?


Iv’e been going to coinmarketcap to lookup coins :confused:


I would rather use coinpuffs and not coinmarketcap


Good answer, CMC is poopy for sure.


Yes. We’re working on that :slight_smile:


Thanks @peter for staying up to date on the situation :doge:


how are things now? working?


Everything is back to normal. THANK YOU @john.:rocket:


Thats odd, still nothing on my end. Wont search still, hitting enter and nothing. Might it be something on my end? browser maybe? Im using firefox on mac


do a hard refresh and/or clear cache.


I ran into the search bug last night with Opera. I haven’t been home to refresh a try again. Seems to be working without issue today using Chrome and Brave browsers.

Although unrelated, did you guys delist Tron TRX (Tronix) from Coinpuffs?


Mine started working again. yeah maybe its something with your computer! i hope you get it fix soon…


Its ok Coinpuffs is probably just mining Monero…
So need not worry folks :wink:


the search will not work for me now 2 days. I also noticed that the charts don’t load. I’ll check my comp again but I haven’t used coin puffs because of this and its stuck on the home page for me.

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