Coin review template


When reviewing a coin!


Coin review template!
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Yo, very useful template! Thanks a lot for sharing it, but the questionnaire has 2 problems IMHO:

a) Questions #7 and #8 are conflicting, so if you answer ‘no’ to #7 and ‘yes’ to #8, you are basically acknowledging 2 bad things, but splitting the points! It doesn’t make any sense.

b) Most of the questions are clearly neither a ‘yes’ nor a ‘no’ (black or white), so it would be better to use a decimal system where 0.0 is a clear ‘no’ and 1.0 is a clear ‘yes’, but you still have the whole scale of grays to play around in between and your final score will be much more accurate.

Hope this helps, keep up the good work and let’s go to the moon!! I got my seat right next to you bro!

PS. Send me some LTC if you like: LZyN35TpnfokDkbLmu546gZBbYupNQxHAt (sorry, no Doge :()


Thanks for this!
It’s just a template! Feel free to change anyway you see fit!


Thank you so much for this! Amazing start.


thank you for checking it out! it’s not perfect nor beautiful. but it helps me!


Thank you man. This very very useful. I love it.
If i have any info of my interesting coins i will update and share!

Go to the moon together!


Thanks for the template!


all the way !!! keep spreading the good word!


Could you integrate this form into the forum so that it averages out all of the answers to kind of crowd source the predictions on ICOs?


Interesting idea. I will have to look into that.


I saw your templafe being used to review Omg coin and loved it. I cant seem to find this template to download. I would like to use this when i invest or not in my next coin, could you assist as to where i can downloac it please ?

Thoughts on Monaco (MCO)?

Check download thread Coin review template


Clicking on the Coin review template link takes it back to this same page it seems? Is it supposed to download the spreadsheet? Thanks!

METAVERSE not re-presented on the bitcoin pub?

Go up to top of thread and download


I think that you could if you did like a google sheet integration then you could link a form that takes poll data can aggregates it. just my humble opinion.


You can but I like manually putting information in. There is something about typing in stuff that makes you think more!


So what was that remark about tenx with a referral to the newsletter? It dropped, thinking to add, but is there smt i should know? I just signed up (hello!) so didnt get the newsletter…



@peter Can you make this template available for OpenOffice?


Coin review template!

I can I think. Let me try.