Coin review template


It should open you may need to tweak a formula. I downloaded it just have yet to open to know what’s not working.


Oh man. Thanks my man. :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Oh thanks! And i was still happily typing away lol


@Hexdek16 @peter on a first look and run through they all look to run in libreoffice.


Yo, what’s up whats’up cryptonation!!

Here is another evaluation framework for altcoins, much more elaborated in my opinion:


OnG ICO presale

Hi Peter,

Ive done the review as best i can with my limited technical knowledge, where should I post or email to you.



Post a new thread here:

And copy a non edit google spreadsheet!

Thanks man! Can’t wait to see it!


Will do ,also ignor the emailed version ive updated with more info. Thanks

JSEcoin : visitors of your website mine for you

I know this is late, but thanks!
Nice to have some empowering tools!


thank you. appreciate everything you are doing for the community.


No problem bro. Just helping where I can!


Thank you for the information .


Early miner 49er : Bitcoin , Litecoin , etc from back in the day. Looking to share grow and broaden my knowledge . Help Foster the Cryptocurency community .

Pragmatic Decision Making

This is amazing! Will help plenty of new people when researching!


Sir I need template with access to modify.


Download as copy. Should be fine


Just tried to click on the link says file was deleted


Hi @john … Is this file no longer available? The link says the file has been deleted.

I am just going through the Pub and thought I would ask a question. Should I be reaching out to someone else or are you the guy to go to?

Let me know… Thanks,


Remade the original Coin Review Template


File is back up :+1: