Coinbase account LOCKED- Please HELP!


Hey everyone,

I’m brand new to the cryptonation and I recently started my first investment on coinbase before discovering the pub a few days ago. My account got locked today due to ‘violation of Coinbase’s User Agreement’.

The only reason I can think of is not having all my personal information saved in my profile settings prior to having my first transaction completed or, something weird with 2 factor authentication when trying to login via the Coinbase account from my Iphone.

I use my Gmail app instead of the stock Iphone Mail app. However, when I login to Coinbase it doesn’t take me to my Gmail app so I just reinstalled my Iphone Mail app. I’m speculating Coinbase thinks I’m trying to hack my account since it’s verifying my authentication from two different sources.

I sent them an email but no response yet. If anyone has experienced this issue or has any advise, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you


you should call them, they have phone support now



They do? That must have been instituted in the last 48 hours then…

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September 20th is the date on this blog post:


lol exactly!

Theres a laundry list of things to do when the poo hits the fan with Coinbase.
Its a long road.

OP, take a look at the coinbase reddit.
As toxic as it can be, there are some good posts there helping people who have issues.


Thanks Ricardo for the number!
After a 23 minute wait I was able to talk to a rep and they figured out it was because I fat fingered my DOB when updating my profile settings.

They’re going to send me an email and reset my account.

@peter maybe it would be a good idea to add a troubleshotting category for some of us noobies? Just a thought.

Thanks everyone!


I’m so glad you were able to get into your account.
I think your problem solving idea :bulb: is a great one. I’ll check with the team to see if there is one that I have not seen.

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Hi,I have the same problem,I can t use my accaunt with bitcoin,I did try to contact them by phone but no luck

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