Coinbase and Institutional Traders

Coinbase allowing institutional traders access to spot and futures trading. Whoa


FYI, this was posted earlier today at:

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On a related note…

I’m on another (non-crypto) forum that uses this same software. One of the rules they have over there is that threads about news articles must have the thread title match the article title exactly. The reason is to prevent double-posts like this, because the second person looking to post an article has an easier time finding it when searching.

The rule works well in that respect. The significant downside though is that you are then often locked into using lousy titles that don’t describe the content of the thread well.

Just tossing that idea out there for @peter and @john and the moderators as they grapple with this expanding beast of a forum!


you’re right, let’s delete it

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Worthy suggestion… hard to teach people to search before they post tho…

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