Coinbase Crypto Exchange Debuts Visa Card for UK Customers


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Coinbase Crypto Exchange Debuts Visa Card for UK Customers

Major American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has launched Coinbase Card, that enables its United Kingdom-based customers to pay in-store and online with cryptocurrency. The development was announced in a blog post published on April 10.

The Coinbase Card is a Visa debit card powered by customers’ Coinbase account crypto balances, which allows them to make purchases with digital currencies worldwide. Coinbase instantly converts customers’ cryptocurrency funds into fiat currency in order to complete the purchase.

Coinbase also released the Coinbase Card app for iOS and Android, which links customers’ Coinbase accounts with the app and allows them to choose a particular wallet to fund their Coinbase Card. The app additionally provides access to receipts, transaction summaries, spending categories, and other features. The card reportedly supports all digital assets available to purchase and sell on the Coinbase platform.

The card is issued by authorized and regulated as an electronic money institution Paysafe Financial Services Limited. Currently, Coinbase Card is available for customers in the U.K., however Coinbase reportedly plans to add support for other European countries in the near term.

Earlier this month, Visa itself published a crypto and blockchain-related job opening. The firm is ostensibly seeking someone to fill the position of Technical Product Manager at Visa Fintech at its Palo Alto office. The position’s description states that a candidate should have an in-depth understanding of distributed ledger technology and the crypto industry.

Coinbase launches crypto-visa debit cards that payout in fiat! :star_struck:


  • Customers can pay directly from their exchange accounts
  • Payment is instantly converted into fiat
  • Applies to UK and EU customers
  • I only half hate Coinbase now lol

Yeah, this one is worth a double post. It sucks that VISA is involved, and yet, it’s incredibly bullish at the same time. Definitely a significant step towards mass adoption!


still there is a middle man again . Why? we do not need this bull shit visa.


Have to see it as a positive so far man. Been waiting for something like this for a long time in the U.K.!

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can’t you use your LND wallet no need visa.


99.9% of businesses accept visa though

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You have had Wirex and Revolut cards available in the UK for ‘years’. They are visa debit cards with crypto, but currently you have to trade the crypto to GBP, EUR or USD via an app / browser.

I will have to compare prices with the Coinbase offering.


Fees look to compare favourably against Wirex and Revolut alternatives.


Yeah that’s a pain to have to convert everytime you want to use it. I think people who travel use it a lot

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I’ve used my cards on my travels and manually converting crypto to fiat wasn’t a problem.