Coinbase debit Card purchases now declined?


Looks like CB is declining DEBIT card purchases now on their own end (not the bank). I made a purchase a few days ago that didn’t go through the first time due to fraud alert but eventually went through after denying fraud. Just now I attempted to make 2 separate purchases through debit card and got denied both times. Not even getting a fraud alert from Chase which was strange. So I called Chase to see whats up and they couldn’t even see any purchase/transaction attempts made on CB.

I guess something must be up with CB?


I have been having similar issues using a chase debit card on CB. After I cleared up the fraud issues I made 3 transactions with my debit card and was charged a $5 ‘NON-ATM CASH FEE’ for each transaction, but they went through. I have since called customer service and they waived the $15 dollars in fees but didn’t give me a clear answer on how they added a cash fee. I hope this clears up soon.


Yep, I got charged 3% for my purchase as well.

But now it looks like Coinbase are the ones declining the purchase, not Chase, since Chase doesn’t even see a purchase attempt on their end and i didn’t even get a fraud alert this time.

Guess I gotta use Gemini.


oh they waive your fees. hmmm i need to call chase lol


I have had this happen a couple of times but Chase, Wells Fargo, and Citi are known non-crypto friendly banks. Try not using your cards and just using your actual account.


I purchased with my debit card just fine, Im with Wells Fargo. :thinking:


Ok, false alarm.

Called Chase again, they see the transaction but the reason for decline is due to being over the 5k daily spending limit.

I’m an idiot. That never came to mind.


Hi Coinbase user here, just wanna tell my story

My first card was hacked, and it was a debit card, so big deal, fixed that and ordered a new one, no problem right?

Yeah sure… that was i thought…

I got the new card, trying to add to Coinbase, it cannot be authored for some reason, so i checked with my bank and they said that its no problem, this card has no restrictions at all… they said… so…

I went to Coinbase again and trying to add it, same thing happens… and guys this is a Brand New Card.

So i opened up a case at Coinbase and waited… and waited… and waited… until i got a little annoyed, so i called them.

The Agent tells me that they are gonna look that up and then i waited… and waited…
Called again, more excuses that they are very busy and have a big back log and so on…

But they are gonna escalate my case to an technician, wow good support i thought…

Nothing happens… not even a email back saying that … Hey we are still working on trying to resolve this.

waited some more, called again, waited even more, called again … NADA…

Its now over 20 days of no response of Why my card is not accepted

So DONT USE COINBASE find other alternatives, their support suck, and they dont come back to you…
Never gonna use them again…

Thanks for reading :slight_smile: Have a nice day!


Yo did it with Chase debit…confirmed account with two deposits… make a BC buy and u get a fraud alert and card declined the first time… can try again after 5 min and it works.