Coinbase Extorting Information From Me


Okay, so Friday, right? Login to Coinbase to move some BTC for some run-of-the-mill DCA right? Wrong…

They have blocked all of my funding sources say that, although I’ve already done an ID verification check, I have to RE-DO the check and fill out some survey to reinstate my payment sources, and so, they say, does, “everyone else”.

They claim to have messaged this prior, but I cannot find that they have. What total and utter bullshit. Can anyone else confirm this or similar shenanigans?

I am more angry about this than I would have imagined. I’ve been paying your bullshit fees for two years, and you’re trying to fucking muscle me around? Who the fuck do these guys think they are?

What is the best US accessible Coinbase alternative in your personal opinion?



And, of course, the path to jump these hurdles they are placing before me is unclear, and requiring a good deal of phone time with their support staff to complete; of course. I mean, it wouldn’t be a seamless, integrated process, that needed no explanation and didn’t stress out the valued customer right? Where would be the sense in that?




There is, unfortunately, more and more evidence accruing in this direction…


this sucks, all the way around.

i’ve gotten a handful of notices similar to that… but, it was because there were scams that were trying to use my identity and they wanted clarity / clearance and clarification…

so, in some ways, they are trying to protect “you”… but, i don’t think they are doing the best job at it, to be honest.

keep us informed on how this goes…




Which, fine, granted. It is the ridiculous lack of concise communication that steams me. If the pop-up that says, ID yourself, which seems like and option, is now mandatory. Just fucking say that. Don’t have me spend 1.5 hours of my Friday night puzzling through your crap process. I pay you wtf…


Do you still use Coinbase, John?

What are your opinions on bitcoin ATMs instead? I would love a suggestion for those seeking escape form the Coinbase yoke.


i use a bunch of different systems, mostly because i’m interested in the technology and i want to see how these folks build their software that powers their exchanges.

obviously, this is because we’re building our own with #yen… a little bit of competitive research and usability comparisons…

and, we may integrate with a few to begin with, coinbase included.


Please don’t force me to start using Bisq…:sob::sob::sob:


i didn’t answer your question… bitcoin atms are great, if there’s one around you!


I will now scour the area…there probably isn’t though. Which means I should by one!


I use for record keeping. What are your thoughts about how trading via an ATM can work within this manner? Or would a physical copy be needed come tax time that the btc ATM would provide?


They should print receipts, no? You could just make a manual entry?


you’ll have the transaction date and the value (obviously) which you can then record manually in your app or service of choice.

but, if you want the honest truth… i still use simple spreadsheets.


Do you have a template for something like that? I would like to dabble in making my own without needing to keep paying because although I have not traded that frequently, I would like to begin doing a bit more scalping.

Do home-made spreadsheets actually hold up to scrutiny as evidence of properly tracked trades when tax time comes?


Wow, hey…excellent man…Coinbase has, without any prior notification by email, per their official help page documentation, reduced my weekly buy limit from $500USD to $15USD…Nice…


I mean, I just have to say. I see here an organization, like many Silicon Valley organzations, that seem to, rapidly, be, “getting too big for their britches”…I…am…just…saying…though…

Like a Sith Lord, on the back of an 800 Lb. gorilla, with a nasty meth habit…


Did they give any reason for this? I was granted $3000 a week with debit card and $25,000 a week with bank account. I’m just curious as to what their criteria is for the amounts they allow.


They have…“declined” to respond to my, “inquiry”, as of yet…I am expecting the Force Lightening barrage any moment now though…