[Coinbase] Unsupported


Hello everybody :wave:

As advised by the dogelord himself, I’ve taken my first step by creating a coinbase account. However, my exploration comes to an end rather quickly after seeing this page.

After searching a bit in the pub’s threads, I’ve come across this.

Where one of the users recommends going for lykke as an alternative.

I did create an account over there, but I have no idea whether lykke would be a decent substitution for coinbase when it comes to security and transfer speed.

So I was wondering whether anybody has ever experienced lykke or has another alternative.
Oh, almost forgot. I tried to work with coinbase with a VPN activated but eventually ended up on the same webpage. :slightly_frowning_face:

I would highly appreciate it if I could get some hints. :slight_smile:


I use coinmama. Perhaps that will work for you. Fees, but Bitcoin.


I was using Lykke in the past. Good choice.


try coinsquare, you might want to research if its your country first. Its where i send all my Canadian buddies too because coinbase give them issues.