Coinbase Verification Problem


So I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of crypto through coinbase. I already verified before doing all this. I log on to buy more crypto and the website starts asking me to verify again when it says on my account that my drivers license is verified. I re-upload my drivers license again and it says unable to verify. Not sure where to go from here.


Are you new to Coinbase? Throwing thousands in cash shortly after opening an account even with verification can throw up some flags. It’s most likely fraud protection. I would try to contact Coinbase via support.


That’s just coinbase for you.
When I first registered I had issues verifying my ID.
It would first say it’s verified, then say it’s not, then I would verify again, but it wouldn’t verify. Then it would give me a 24 hour timeout. And finally after a couple of weeks I received an email saying that I have been verified.


I had problems as with it. You need to take a clear picture with all 4 edges of your ID visible.


@Peter clicked your link to Coinbase and put my name, email and the verification email won’t arrive and coinbase site just hangs "waiting for… for about 15 mins now… Also, I’ve registered with coinbase back in August, even did verification and then Coinbase closed my account, but never actually closed it, so that it kept looping sending me emails to verify account and i would verify but it would say “in process of closing account”. I never got anywhere and now it looks like it’s starting over again. Lol. How can I make any headway with coinbase?? I got an email from coinbase saying my account has been closed, but when i try to sign up again, it loops me into my open account saying being closed. wow… very painful.


Try a different email address to register?


but i don’t want another email address. why should i have another email address separate from the one that i use for everything?


actually, now that i remember, back in august, i did try with my work email address and it didn’t work, but i cannot remember if i was running the same problems. @peter i am trying my work email again just now. waiting for verification email (after the code was sent to my phone). We’ll see what happens. Email taking its time to arrive. lol


i received the email. I clicked on it to verify. It brought me to the close account page. URGH! I give up on coinbase. :angry:


I have a support ticket that I opened exactly 1 month ago on Coinbase (problem verifying my ID). Until now, no human has answered yet. I gave up too. :confused:


That does not make me feel any better @gilcn! Poor you. At least we don’t have any $ with them! I have successfully opened Quadriga and Kraken accounts. I chose to fund with Kraken. Last Friday, I wired $ to Kraken in Tokyo and hope it goes through before this Friday so I can finally buy crypto after trying to do so since first week of August!


That’s just totally incorrect Info. I was opened up with a $10,000 limit. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with throwing “Thousands” into your account considering one bitcoin is worth $17,000.

Truth of the matter is coinbase is a very scary sight right now and I don’t really trust it!


I was having trouble for days. I went into settings and completed all the info, resubmitted the id and it works right away.


THIS was exactly my issue when I was loosing out on those big gains… It would not let me verify… I had submitted my DL and it was verified but it still would not complete the verification process.
Solution resubmitted a whole new verification once I loged into the account. I resubmitted the DL and resubmitted a selfie. The DL did not verify since it had verified before but the selfie was what was missing from MY account. Thus completing the verification process. Hopefully that Helps. :slight_smile:


It’s been exactly two weeks now since I’ve been able to successfully login into Coinbase after having reset the phone I had Google Authenticator on back to factory settings, losing it. I put my cellphone number in and enter the code which takes me to the photo ID step. At this point I’ve taken about three dozen sets of photos of my ID (front and back) and a selfie to go along with it and it continuously returns “ID unreadable” every time I submit images to it. I’ve even had my ID scanned at high resolution, cropped perfectly, and uploaded using the “file” option with the same nerve wracking results. Has anyone here been able to get back into their Coinbase accounts after having lost their Authenticator app? Has anyone ever been able to connect with any kind of live help desk support at Coinbase? I have $210 in various coin that I need to access. Great pains here. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks


ya man I have been able to buy crypto for the past 3 months just fine but now they are asking me to submit my id. I have uploaded the front and back of my drivers license but i get an email back saying its unreadable. any tips/help of how anyone has resolved this issue?


Same here - need to verify second ID for GDAX - driver license unreadable all the time. I opened a support ticket, got just auto-reply till now :rage:


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