Coincidence? Dodgy demanding emails asking for Bitcoin

hi there, thought i’d feel safer posting over here. Ok, so whilst I was away last week in Rhodes, I had a request by a customer for me to remote in and sort out their laptop issues. I was using my own laptop to remote in which I use for all things crypto. Since I’ve returned, the chap rang me today saying he’d received an email through (on his own domain email account) saying that if he didn’t pay up in Bitcoin then his computer would be locked up and his data wiped and something along the lines of looking at porn on the internet. Not sure on the whole content of the email but along those lines.
Now, is this coincidental? Is there any reason that since I went into his laptop that he should all of a sudden get these emails?
Ive googled ‘bitcoin demand email’ and there’s a whole lot of stuff coming up, but just has concerned me now that this has just started happening.
Now I obviously appreciate scam emails, im in the business, but because this is a bitcoin type one didn’t know if it was connected?! :frowning: #slightlyworried #pacifyme

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Idk enough about it to give you what I feel would be a complete answer but Google “ransomware attack”


i’ve dealt with ransomware attack types issues, but was just freaked as I had connected up to his laptop from mine. Ah well, I printed out a list from google and handed it to him to show that ‘it’s rife at the moment, look, see’.

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