Coinmarketcap's manipulation continues promote coinpuffs now!



So the manipulation on coinmarketcap continues! Please start using to get the most realistic data on the market. What CMC did was scare the shit out of people on purpose. Why? More than likely money is involved.


Yeah guys don’t support them, least they could do is inform about their plans, that was pure manipulation.


Anyone got a tldr; what they did?
It’s (currently) my go to for pricing updates.


where does coinpuffs get its data from?


they removed south korean exchange from their price average calculation :slight_smile:


You should probably check the Coinpuff’s thread here on the Pub. They state some where on the back end like, but that is not my wheel house with understanding how to put something like this together or where information like that would come from.


In another thread it stated that they removed the Korean exchanges from their calculations.


Interesting, thanks!
Doesn’t sound like they want to play cricket which is a pity.

Just read the coinpuffs thread and will check it out after dinner.


I’m a bit curious on coinpuffs it says icx at 9.07 USD while on binance it says 10.26 USD, how come there is such a big difference?


ICX USD value is calculated based on its BTC value. BTC value is different on different exchanges. ICX Binance value is derived from the BTC trading value on Binance.


great question. we’re pulling from a number of data sources and doing some math to get an idea of what is actually happening across multiple exchanges.

so, comparing one exchange to coinpuffs is like comparing one bad swedish fish to the whole bag of swedish fish…