Coinpuffs error



ICX price says $3.50 ish but the chart says $4


Will take a look. Thanks.


oooooo,u like tht icx, 24x7? lol :bird::eyes:


ICX isn’t showing at all for me on coin puffs. If i search for ICX it takes me it its specific page but it is not on the ranked page


Clicked on this coin(DivotyCoin) on the biggest gainers tab and i broke the blockchain. :wink:

Also, is there a specific thread to post coinpuffs error reports to? I searched a few times and this post was the best i could find, so far!


@john anyway you can get the coinpuffs site to do in terms of BTC? Because thats what I trade in not USD?

Thx- Ethan. Not sure if you have that function already but when I scroll down I cant find BTC ;(


Whats up with my coinpuffs!



Just to update an error… when i sort coinpuffs according to “24hr % Change”, i can see all the sorted coins for up to the number of maximum rows per page, but when i click to next page to see it continuously on the next list of coins, the page refreshes back to its default according to coinmarket cap…

Meaning I can only ever see one page of results according to the max rows (100 is the maximum number of rows per page) i have set to see each time… i can never see the next page of results… for your info…


so hi all. I was having an issue with 24hr % not loading up, the chart in the data for like btc price not loading up, the search not working and I couldn’t go to the next page. so I just tried it on firefox no problems everything works but not in google chrome. so I’m not sure how to fix that on my end. It happened out of the blue. I didn’t change any setting in my comp.

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