CoinPuffs features request


I was wondering if the following features can be implemented on CoinPuffs:

  1. Option to sort the coins based on “featured coins”
  2. List wallet information for each coin


nightmode please, satoshi value for coins

  1. Coin mineable/non-mineable indicator
  2. Date coin was introduced
  3. “Promising” coins that have the potential to become “Featured”
  4. Nightmode


Satoshi value is found under “Key Indicators” as “Price in BTC”.


On the BitesSizeMining live stream yesterday some on had a great idea to mark all the coins that can be mind. @john @peter

To add on that idea, I would love to see a video or link to a video detailing how to mine the coin. It could even be a paid feature for Patreons… @ImaginaryPi


All the coins that are minable, you would like to see a setup for?


Yeah, when I 1st started I was YouTubing How to mine “whatever coin .” Then just went with the easiest way.

I’m still a noob with all the setups and I’ve only used EWBF, Claymore and AIO miner. My biggest issue is getting the Stratum addresses.

If most of the coins are on AIO miner then maybe just something that says AIO.