Coinpuffs Shows ArbitrageCT #1 Bitcoin #2



Can anyone tell me how I missed this?


No way did a token burn do this…


They have said multiple times in the past. This happens when a new crypto is added to the website. They are working on a way to filter it so this stops happening.


Yep. Appreciate your patience.


After your last stream… I’m all in on coinpuffs haha. All good things come in time.


Peter i’m really liking coinpuffs. Thanks for your guys hard work. I’ve been sharing everywhere i can think of. and it’s gotten a good response . One thing i would love is the overall market cap to be clickable n into a graph and stats page. Thanks again :smiley:


We’re going to make it 10000x better than cmc.

It will take time. I (barely) remember checking out cmc back in the day… I’m sure he iterated the hell out of it for the last 5 years…

We’ll get there.


It’s already better in my opinion. the Overall market cap is much more accurate. And the Coins are all updating more frequently than CMC. CMC is like flying blind.


One of the things that we definitely do… is we show many more coins available via the many exchanges.

It’s strange to use a service that doesn’t give you a more complete idea of how big and diverse the coin and token industry is… if you really want a more balanced portfolio (and have opportunities to review extremely new coins)… then you need more visibility in the entire ecosystem…



Thank you man! I knew I missed something, and I did perform searches hoping to find previous posts about it before I posted something ignorant, but to no avail.

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