CoinPuffs v0.1 is Live...!



Ok, thats fair. And I also see an advantage. If for example cmc was to manipulate their price of XRP (or a clever hacker), we at least have several sources to check.



I dont see the search bar. Using iphone default browser.


kk. that needs to be fixed.


Chrome is giving me all white screen on samsung phone instead of the coin prices. If I refresh I briefly see bitcoin then it disappears. Works fine on desktop.

Edit. If i turn my phone to landscape view I can see the data.


This is fixed now. Thank you.


Hi Guys.

What does it mean on CoinPuffs the word Feature? Does it mean something?


Question: Would it be possible to show current average transaction fees for every coin? That would be appreciated information.


A great reason to use CoinPuffs instead of CMC:

Check out what it says instead of Verge.

Seriously, have I been hacked or what is this??

EDIT: Google Translate was having a laugh…


no way… that’s hilarious!


Would it be too clickbaity if I tweeted out that verge is really a peen? :doge:


it did go quite erect for a while there… will it run out of stamina though?


Needs that viagra coin


Maybe a stupid question but ill ask anyway, “supply” on coinpuffs is circulating supply?


not entirely stupid… but, did you read the original post above? i believe you did not…


I did but missed it. Thanks for your quick reply!


I was at a doctors board dinner last week, they said Viagra just went generic thursday. Dont buy that coin!


LOL, easy fix. Redirect iOS browsers to coinpuffs on the app store, so this means @john has to release it tonight. :smiling_imp:


Huh? BlockCAT?

Maximum FOMO - 3mil+ % increase :rofl:



So… Watching the video from Box mining who’s in S Korea, the local guy there is saying Bithumb exchange has an equalling rival called Upbit in terms of volume… And this volume isn’t even hitting CMC because of Upbit API… So market data isn’t near complete. It would be good to get the complete picture

You guys probably knew this anyway.