CoinPuffs v0.1 is Live...!



Yes. Yes I did. Which is why we’re going to be creating features that capture ALL data (with toggles), so our cryptonation can have the BEST data out there to make decisions. … powerful!



Is it possible to put the coin price on the Tab next to the favicon when you are on an individual page? Function would be having coinpuffs open and being able to watch the coin price without actually having the tab up. Yes shameless ripoff of binance and CMC but I find it useful. Maybe it’s not.

See the middle tab vs coin puffs.


Hi guys!

You are doing an awesome job with this application! Is there any way to keep the default rows set to a certain number like 50 or 100 instead of showing 10 rows each time the page is pulled up?

Thank you so much for everything you do!


We want to introduce customization for the larger v1.0 release… so, in short… yes… just not at the moment!


I love the new look, very clean, neat and fresh

the flags in the top right are not in alphabetical order

it probably makes sense to make the fiat drop down on alphabetical order but the top 3-5 most popular in the top (for example USD, EUR, AUD) and kind of have a separatiion horizontal line in between those top 3 ones and the rest, as otherwise if you have selected for example AUD and you want to select USD again it takes you a lot of scrolling


Thanks John - loving your work!

Looking at DOGE and the current supply is greater than the total supply - is that possible? Seems like possible bad data?

#208 is lighting up. Is this a new feature?



Looks like things have calmed down. For a minute, I thought I was watching a market crash in realtime, and my fangs starting to appear. #TonightWeFeastOnTheWeak


@john love the new update. if I may a suggestion for the future. Add a way were we can select something like a favorite list , were we can add our coins. That way we can keep an eye on more the one of our coins at a time all on one page. Love what you guys are doing and I cant wait till I can start supporting the PUB.


what is the definition of featured? i noticed IOTA isn’t listed as a featured coin yet Peter mentioned he was doing DCA on it.


Where can we see the prices on BTC?

Some suggestions…
On historical data we should be able to see the marketcap and on the main page we should be able to filter the coin listing by the same categories that we see on the “key indicators” of each coin… This would be very handy…


Would be nice if we could view the market based on BTC. So far, we can only choose fiat currencies, but we can’t compare the market to bitcoin, and wouldn’t that be important?


Yes. It would be. Very much so. cc @john


Certified! Put a stamp on it lol! #TeamNoSleep


Man this is great! Coin puffs is awesome! I am a huge noob and I don’t know how to make changes or coding for a website let alone do the things you all do. Thanks for this source of crypto data!

One thing that might be a useful thing to add would be a personal list or “My List” on coin puffs. This would save looking up coin after coin. The list could be separated into parts from the coins that I have, coins I want, and coins I am considering. Just food for thought. I don’t know what it takes to do something like this but so far I am more than satisfied.


yes. personalization is something that we definitely would love to figure out.


I had mentioned before about the blinking and have seen you put an arrow in which is better! I am wondering about a progressbar? Maybe the longer the color the further it has gone up or down?


atleast they are not mining, MONERO haha. Great website guys!


What do the “featured” coins represent?