CoinPuffs v0.1 is Live...!



Done :+1:t2:

Fucking 20 chars can you remove that at the same time? :grinning:


Dangit something to do with security but i am blocked from it at work hehe. I guess I am stuck with coinmarketcap while at work.


Can you show me what you’re having issues with?


Nope. :gun::gun::gun::crystal_ball: :troll:


Had to block some information as it is work info.


There seems to be a big difference in market cap for (VERI). Its ranked at #41 on coinmarketcap at around 774mil vs 36bil.


Are you sure you are looking at the right stuff? Here is my coinmarketcap screen shot

or am I missing something here?

I sorted by coin price and still cannot seem to pull up VERI on coinmarketcap in the list. the only way it shows up is if i search for it.


I can`t change the currency.


We’ve made it clear that no one in this space works like we do. We run this b*tch. We set the pace.


Thought someone would catch it.

Our list is actually more accurate than coinmarketcap.

What I’ve learned… is that there may be a chance that coinmarketcap is … let’s just say… selectively choosing coins…

We pull from a raw data set. So ours WILL be different than coinmarketcap… I think ours is more accurate…


We pull from an open source dataset which isn’t politically manipulated or centrally managed. We use the same back end APIs that power sites like


10-4 thats awesome. I will be watching.

@john Any idea’s on the uncatorgorized error I get when accessing Coinpuff’s vs that I can access Coinmarketcap?


Weird, here’s mine sorted by market cap


At the end of the day… @peter and I are in this for the long hodl… Which means that we want to have the absolute best sources of information for our decision-making.

We also do not want to be entirely dependent on services that we can’t verify are factually accurate and/or immune to tampering.

We are trying to build tools that we, ourselves, would use first… they have high integrity and are exceedingly simple to use.

And, of course, we share these tools with the world.


this is awesome bookmarked fo sho


@John @peter they done done it again… i can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next and have accomplished in the next few years. Your tremendous assets to the crypto world can’t thank you enough


Thanks! We aren’t community-powered! People supporting us via Patreon and showing up on these forums… make it all possible!


This quickly becoming one of my favorite crypto communities.


Yooooooo This is Amazing! But I’m just curious why some coins have circulating supply vs total supply. The ranking seems to be quite different from CMC.


I just did a standing ovation for team Saddington :hugs::hugs: