CoinPuffs v0.1 is Live...!



picture or it didn’t happen.



Mobile app or website only?


i think that’s pretty self-evident… but, it’s just a website.

just a website. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahh it’s so cool!
I like how simple the charts are to move around :ok_hand:t5::raised_hands:t5:


bigger and better! why settle for mediocre




Fuck it, im gonna use coinpuffs now and stop using cmc and wci


the one and only y00000


Same, it’s better for real anyway.


Rockin! That’s one of the best coin sites I’ve seen so far!


How do you see the volumes from the different exchanges or is this not implemented? LOL and WTF is Exchange Union? Never seen it before or heard of it and it is number 6.

Last question are you using total supply or circulating supply for the rankings?



How Does CoinPuffs Calculate Market Cap?

Great question:

Market Capitalization is one way to rank the relative size of a cryptocurrency. It’s calculated by multiplying the Price by the Circulating Supply.

Market Cap = Price * Circulating Supply

Okay… so…

What is the Difference Between Circulating Supply, Total Supply, and Max Supply?

Circulating Supply is the best approximation of the number of coins that are circulating in the market and in the general public’s hands. Total Supply is the total amount of coins in existence right now (minus any coins that have been verifiably burned). Max Supply the best approximation of the maximum amount of coins that will ever exist in the lifetime of the cryptocurrency.

Okay… so…

Why is Circulating Supply Better Than Total Supply?

Circulating Supply is a much better metric for determining the market capitalization. Coins that are locked, reserved, or not able to be sold on the public market are coins that can’t affect the price and thus should not be allowed to affect the market capitalization as well. The method of using the Circulating Supply is analogous to the method of using public float for determining the market capitalization of companies in traditional investing.

So… Circulating Supply is your answer.



What you all will see is raw data pulled from solid sources.

This may blind a few of you as you will see things that the general public may not know of.

This not only gives you an edge, but our system is tamper-proof in terms of any type of data-censorship.

This is very powerful in an ever-increasing world of censorship.

As a scientist, I built this system with data in mind. We shall conquer through data decision making. Prepare for more functions and features that will allow you further control of the data we pull. @john

To the moon! :rocket:


are there plans to add in volume by exchanges?


Veritaseum at #5? This is quite different from Coinmarketcap. They seem to think there’s only 2 million of them, and you have 100 million in circulation.


5 Veritaseum had
100million Circulating supply on coinpuffs
2 million Circulating supply on coinmarketcap , 100million total supply

and lots of other coin as well


Markets are missing(where coins are trading).
Otherwise, very nice and clean. I love it :slight_smile:


Heyy it’s #DaBooins lol :heart_eyes: :unicorn: #cryptofam


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