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coinpuffs is :fire:
@john just check out the USD link tho. I could’t change the currency.


Whoa! Bitcoin #2! Am I reading this right? What is Veritaseum at $25M price and 6M% change? Time to sell it and retire! It passed the moon and is going to Pluto!

You guys slipped this one in on us.


hiiiiii :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


guys did I miss Bitcoin getting kicked out of ranked one or is this a bug :stuck_out_tongue:


it’s a new coin that just came up and it’s being pumped. give it a sec… it’ll be put back in its place.


Thanks for your work on I have a question about the rankings as opposed to CMC. Yes there is a different order. I assume this is because you are calculating by total supply vs. circulating supply? For example Veritaseum (I have it and am a fan) is much farther up in the rankings on your site. What would you say is the reason if not being the total supply vs. circulating supply? Thanks in advance.



My question as a domainer, why plural domain with “s”? @john
I think you should acquire the singular one too (, and then redirected to the plural one…


i’m not sure how much they’d sell it to me for… don’t want to spend money… :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we list BCH as BCASH? That would be saweeeeeeet.


Yes, this is because CMC separates projects like Veritaseum as a token and not a coin, i imagine because it’s built off of Ethereum… …? Maybe.

I don’t want to knock on CMC that heavily… but the way they display their data is… well… broken.

If they have an “All” category, it should be comprehensive and unbiased in its display, especially as it relates to overall market capitalization. This would work well (the All category) if it actually pulled from both their coin category and their token category… which would make logical sense.

But… it… doesn’t… … … for whatever reason…?!

So, you have both “coins” and “tokens” with different and competing views with an “all” view that doesn’t actually show “all the views”… that isn’t right nor does it help someone understand what’s really moving within the larger cryptographic and project space.

We do not segregate a “coin” and a “token”… and, consequently, we don’t have that type of view dysfunction.

Do we have a more accurate view of the entire cryptocurrency space? I can say that we do… as long as CMC’s views continue to not do what they should be doing.

I will say, though, that we do calibrate and aggregate more coins than CMC… which I think is important because how will you make bets on the new players and projects in the space unless you actually know of them in the first place?

Our perspective is that you should be the most equipped decision maker as possible. We don’t provide financial advice… we just want to give our community the tools (and the arsenal :crossed_swords:) to kick as much ass as possible.

Instead of giving you just a knife, fork, and spoon… we’ll give you the entire fucking table spread.

Now, I could easily wipe Veritaseum and Exchange Union off of our view so that it looks more like CMC… but, why would I do that? Our goal isn’t to replicate CMC… but to create an alternative (and better…?) view of what’s happening in the world of cryptocurrency.

Again, I’m just not sure what CMC is doing with their so-called “views”… but, they can do however they want to do. … and we’ll do just as we’re going to do.



Or it would be a :fire::stuck_out_tongue:


Or Bcash/BCC/Bitcoin Cash :smiley:


@john and @peter, the only critique I have is the use of “Circulating Supply” vs “Total Supply”. For example, the circulating supply of Veritaseum is a little over 2 million, and Exchange Union is at 2 million. Yet, on CoinPuffs, they were reported as 100 million and 3 billion, respectively.

If you intend to define “Supply” as “Total Supply”, then you have to be consistent with all other coins, such as 21 million for BTC, 84 million for LTC.

Other than that, everything looks good.


there’s honestly probably some “filtering” we can do to ensure a more focused view… but, see my comment above.

I want to tread lightly and carefully before we start pulling stuff “out” or “in other corners”…

but, you’re right about ensuring a standard calculus.

giphy (1)



I read the aforementioned comment that you pointed me to, and I think you are still missing my point. It’s not about coin vs token. It’s simply the math behind how you get to the “Market Cap”.

Market Cap value is the multiplication of “the number of circulating supply” with “the current price”.

The numbers of circulating supply for Veritaseum and Exchange Union are >2M and 2M, respectively. On CoinPuffs however, the numbers are 100M and 3B, respectively, which overinflate the market cap for these coins. If CoinPuffs chooses to use “Total Supply” in the multiplication factor (I think is erroneous), then the numbers for BTC and LTC should be 21M and 84M, respectively.

I hope you see what I’m trying to convey. As I said, hats off to you and @peter for developing a wonderful product! I’m just chiming in my pet peeve regarding consistency and standardization.


Maybe I could help to negotiate. I’ll try to contact the owner of


I really like it. Easy on the eyes. :eyes:

Will be using from now on.


Great job, favorite parts of the site:

  1. Clean/Simple (more with less) UI
  2. Can’t see ads.

Keep up the great work!


amazing! Wow. Lets do this! I’ll support you and spread the good word.