CoinPuffs v0.1 is Live...!



I like your philosophy!
I am a supporter!


Is the volume for ICX correct? it doesn’t look right to me - 3,800.00 ICX ?


@john @peter… 2 suggestions guys…

  1. As u guys have added a feature to look in usd, cad, aus etc etc… you should also add option to see all in terms of btc… as a lot of people use blockfolio app for this purpose only. (or if u have it already, kindly highlight please.

  2. As your platform is new and columns are different from CMC … can u freeze the row of headings(PRICE, SUPPLY, VOLUME) SO THAT when we scroll down … we dont have to confirm the name of the column it belongs to.


Just a small thing, but on my Ubuntu 16.04 machine with Chrome Version 63.0.3239.108 (Official Build) (64-bit) i do not see the Icons for DCTV, Pub and Yum (see screenshot, just a part of the desktop)


I’ve already started pumping the tasty goodness, Puffs and Yum! John you need to drop more crypto exchange knowledge in the B90X2 series!


thanks my friend! to your other point… i’m not sure i’m qualified enough!


On coinpuffs you still use Bitquence witch is now called Ethos. Just wanted to give you a heads up.


This is awesome. I really appreciate how fast you guys build. Also, loving the food-like themes for your apps :slight_smile: .


Love for @john & @peter!
Great start!
I do see data is not updated live, I am seeing the same price for ETH for awhile now, while it climbed a lot. And the detail page does not have almost any useful data, like price in different exchange, which is super crucial.
And there are so many junk coin, and things just came out of ICOs, thats showing up at your home page, and also in your total marketcap calculation, I think it has long way to get mainstream reliability.


hahaha how to take a selfie while clapping?!?! :rofl::rofl::rofl::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::yum:


just nitpicking @john

Decentralized TV:
Why is RIPPLE Blowing Up? – Blame Korean BBQ – ASIA LOVES CRYPTO 2018! Read more|

There is no reading as all of these are videos so maybe it should say “View video” or “Watch video”, instead of “Read more!”


Great work guys. Needs a touch up here and there (selected currency and country should stick/work). First impression is good though. Keep up the good work!


While this might be true for decentralized coins I would argue that it is not for centralized ones. Because the company behind the coin have the power to “print” the whole total supply at any time. While not technically in circulation right now they could be tomorrow. Thats why, in my opinion, total supply is more accurate if these types of coins are included in the list.


You guys are the fucking men


“LOAD MORE COINS” is kind of techy, unless you wanted to go for that style, otherwise I recommend “SHOW MORE COINS”


Always winning with f0000d haha


@john at first I didn’t understand the amount, but I guess it means +, you in a way indicate it with green, but to make it more idiot proof for guys like me perhaps add the + (though I’d understand your perspective of going for the less is more type style)



From a UX perspective I’d probably go for a red bar for the losers, but perhaps the contrast doesn’t look great.



I’d add some spacing on the left of the text in the text box (ICX) as it is too close on the edge running Chrome on Mac.



Chrome on Mac, there needs to be a space behind the heart