CoinPuffs v0.1 is Live...!



Maybe in the learn more worth to add a FAQ to add the vision or explain why this site is better coz otherwise ppl will always wonder why they should use this opposed to wci or cmc. Just an idea, coz not everyone that goes there might be here in the pub and know the details, they might just compare it to CMC and think, these values are different, this site might be wrong.


ah this is so awesome! this is now my new Coin Market Cap


@john Where can we submit bugs?


Me neither.
Also, switching language does not work.

On iOS 11.2.1 / Safari


wait, what? :smiley:


Let‘ give it some claps on medium



I know how much @Peter hates spelling mistakes but he is missing the ‘p’ in cryptocurrency in the Coinpuffs article on Medium.


Hey guys,

New to the game. Started trading BTC and LTC around October last year. After watching a lot of you, @peter , and reading in the pub (amazing community) I finally started trading alts at the end of last year! #stellar #icon ftw!

Coin Puffs looks awesome so far. I have a couple of ideas for improvements:

1: A useful feature for me as a newbie that is currently only using coinbase and binance, would be to know which exchanges all of the coins are on and if there are any which are “recommend exchanges” for whatever reason, for that coin. (Might be recommended because of lower fees, more reliable etc).

2: Some kind of live news feed which is constantly updated with news from the coin you are viewing. (I have no idea how that would work exactly. Just a thought)

3: Make an android app! My pixel is itching for some of those breakfast puffs :joy:

That’s my 2 cents anyway.

Keep up the amazing work guys!

Ps, doing the DCA with yo on icon brother! Going to bet small on IOTA as well because why the fuck not!


Looking great so far, definitely makes me re-evaluate the way I research coins. I’m sure so many people just look at coinmarketcap and rely on their information without a second thought as to whether it is 100% accurate or not.

Love the info section on each coin, must have been a heck of a lot of work considering how many cryptos we have now!


Great work !
It would be great to be able to read the performance not only for 24h but also 7days & 30days ! I find it gives a very different reading of the coin performance.
As a reference maybe: livecoinwatch has a sweet “layout” button where you can toggle what columns to display on the main all coins list.


In the #coinpuffs:bugs category!


Will definitely take a look!


Ahhhhhhhhh. I’ll have to update that.


I agree with this, the market cap for Veritaseum and Exchange union doesn’t reflect their true sizes. This can’t be right.


I’m going to dig in here @cryptonite and @cryptowine… do a little more of my own research and see what’s going on. I don’t mind removing them from the All View list, i just need to collect some more data. We can continue to have them accessible though.


Dark Mode is like the custom rims, adds some horsepower.


There are just things with the supply information that seems off. In some instances you calculate the market cap using total supply, not circulating (as mentioned above).

Here’s another example (supply, market cap is zero):



Love it! Awesome work. Will start using this regularly


@john small bug here

OmiseGo is listed twice, I think one is supposed to be icon


OmiseGo listed twice and VERI is gone completely