CoinPuffs v0.1 is Live...!



cool. lmk if it updates in a sec. should reset.


looks good :slight_smile:


veritasium still not there


Something wrong with RaiBlocks.




kk. give it a few minutes (5 minutes) and lmk.


oh no Raiblocks is broken…lol


You guys have killed it - well done!


changing price from USD to Euro doesn’t seem to work.


But Wait?.. a couple bugs?


it’s a new coin… consider yourself informed. :slight_smile:


Those gainz yo!!!


I like it especially the Biggest win/losers.


WAIT WHAT!? We have an intruder! sound the Crypto Alarms!

Who the heck is STARBASE? They are past the MOON?


I wish the news-ticker just above the coins-table was hidden in the mobile version, it makes the page constanly jump. I know you all are going to do CryptoYum though so prolly doesn’t matter. Cool!


Mobile version kicks ass! instant bookmark worthy, already have spread it out to friends. Nice work!


Wait, what is this I’m seeing?? Are my eyes deceiving me?? Or did CoinPuffs just put my glasses on and now my vision is 20/20??


@john can you give @john the “Much Amaze”’ badge. i think he deserves it!
Well done!

added to my Android home screen using WEB WIDGET
Now I’ll be geekier than ever before!

@John can you add current UTC time at top next to market cap?


Just want to say hats off to @peter and @john for killing it, fast iterations ftw!


Doh, all my comments have already been mentioned…

@john, you need to clone yourself a few times. I would say clone @peter too, but then there wouldn’t be any nice cars left for me to spend my bitcoin on. Maybe he would sell me one? NOPE, never mind, it would be ruined due to explosions in the pants and sticky blueberry all over the steering wheel. You guys rock!


this is an interesting mental image…