CoinPuffs v0.1 is Live...!



Still happening; two different browsers used here; Brave on top and Chrome on bottom:


Meant to reply to @john


Awesome job @peter and @john
New site looks awesome!!!


WTF market cap on coinpuffs is almost 5 trillion! What is going on?! Lol


@john @peter well done boys


Love this! Thanks for continuing to build great tools for the cryptonation!


@john and @peter confirmed beasts…

Site looks great so far! Love the clean look, the simplicity, the name, the logo, the vision… awesome.

Some feedback:

  • I would like to see more than the top 5 gainers and losers and maybe have a separate gainers and losers page in addition to being on the front page.
  • Noticed in the Key Indicators tab that the Price in BTC is more than 8 decimals.
  • Not sure about the dots at the end of the chart previews, kind of looks like a bunch of spastic sperm. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: lol, just a silly observation… and now, like me, you won’t be able to unsee it :no_mouth:

Some features I enjoy from other sites that you may or may not want to look into:

I understand that you don’t want to overcomplicate things, I guess it’s a matter of finding a good balance.
Either way… fantastic job and thank you for working your asses off for the cryptonation. :heart:


would you mind putting this into the v0.2 discussion?


Which technology stack has been used for coinpuffs? Looks very responsive and agile. Awesome work. :slight_smile:


it’s a quick php, mysql app. javascript everywhere. top of my head… jQuery, Material Design by Google… Fat-Free Core Framework, PHP-Fig, Firebase, guzzle, packagist, intervention image, symfony, cakephp, phinx…



Hi there, thank you for the new tool, it looks like it has lots of potential and I love being involved in projects like this where things you feedback actually get actioned. So here in the UK we like to use pounds and pence instead of the US Dollar, but if I change to GBP it does not commit the change and stays in Dollars. Did you know this?

Also, the drop down is an old fashioned select list, whereas these days for long lists Select2 is generally preferred so you can start typing gbp for example, and it filters as you type, we’re all just so lazy you know :wink:

So that’s my instant feedback and I’ll post more if anything else jumps out at me and you want the feedback, and action it :slight_smile:

I have shared with our private crypto group (30+) but I think you will have a hard battle on your hands to replace CMC as the defacto goto place for all things Crypto though, but maybe that’s what Google Chrome were faced with when they took on Internet Explorer…




Spastic Sperm EVERYWHERE hahahha love it.


thanks for your thoughts friend!

i like to steer away from any thoughts are trying to compete with CMC… that’s not why we built it. instead, @peter and i wanted an alternative source of information that gave us signals that CMC (and a few others) wouldn’t give us. :slight_smile:


Yes money is being PUMPED into the cryptomarket 10 folds!


Hi John,

Do you have a link for the open source price API?

Also. I’m glad to see that you being very open-minded about who you let help test CoinPuffs :doge: :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info John. This look sleek. I am happy to see PHP/MySQL among all these JS frameworks :roll_eyes: As they say “Don’t fix it, if it ain’t broke”



I’d put a white space in between the moon graphic and the exclamation mark

I would personally also have a grey moon icon, as the moon is grey, I thought at first it was a gold coin or a dogecoin, but maybe then the contrast with the grey background is not so great.

Anyway this is the type of feedback you get when the site is already so good, you get nitpicking feedback because there is not much else negative to find :slight_smile:

On mac and chrome btw


On mac and chrome


I’d probably just stick to 1 digit behind the ., I don’t think too many people care about the second digit behind the .



can I get a white space in between the heart icon and “for”


Hard refresh your browser… Looks like you still have the old cookiepuffs :smiley: