CoinPuffs v0.1 is Live...!



Thank you sir, will do



Hmm weird, didn’t seem to solve it for me, tried all 3 methods.


Which browser are you using?


chrome asdfsdf asdfasdfsf


Strange… This is what I see. Chrome browser.


ok cool so then it looks great :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


and on Win 10/Chrome
If you ever need help with German localization/ translation, hit me up- :handshake:


Coinpuffs down?



doing a bit of work on it. :slight_smile:


Hmm, will there be an option to show a favorite list? I liked CMC but really liked a way to show my favorites (or hodl’s) in 1 list with all the data CMC shows.

Appreciate all you’re doing for the crypto community! :+1:



Hey will you have a “Dark Green” version?


@Crashy23 Are you still having this problem? I get the icons using Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit).


Seeing EUR now on IOS Safari :clap:

The automagic (?) translation has room for improvement though.
„Cap-Market“ :rofl:


Just throwing this out there. One I don’t see peters featured coins anymore? I liked that feature!

Also I think it would be great to have a site like this that we could personalize some of our coin choices. Like being able to save our own coins, add notes on the side, rate them as to how we feel about them, if we want to invest in the future or just ignore them all completely. Even just being able to add stars to favorites, and being able to group them by tag lines or something?Ping them on a watch list and alerts maybe.

I cruised through, the comments but didn’t see anything like this unless i missed it. Could being able to access something like that be part of the Bitcoin pub? Not sure if anyone else thinks this may be useful. Thanks!


@Bitnative Unfortunately yes, but i am not exactly sure if it is a problem of the website or if something on my machine doesn’t work like it should. Here is a screenshot with the chrome inspection section.



Those icons are actually Emoji/Unicode characters. How they appear is dependent upon the OS. I will go have a look at my fonts and Emoji/Unicode support. Btw, have you installed any of the True Type Fonts on Linux? My icons don’t look as good as the ones I have shown below, but they are not blank squares like you see.📺

Here are some example renderings of other OSs.



Here is what I get in Chrome using Ubuntu


How do you handle the Korean exchanges? Are they still included or excluded like on cmc?

It is clear, that excluding them without notice on cmc was a very bad thing (at least for the outsider ;)). But I also heard, that those exchanges did not charge any fees, so they can pump whatever coin they like and inflate the volume. So I guess the step to remove them was actually correct. Or wasn’t it?


@peter Whassupwhassup!
You argued in one or more of your nice decentralized tv clips, that XRP is not a cryptocurrency, and I have to agree.

Why then is Ripple listed on coinpuffs? Isn’t the listing a problem which further enhances the hype around it?


Great point. I won’t speak authoritatively for @peter… but we do share very similar perspectives on these types of things…

So, what we have is a system that aggregates a number of exchanges and their data. We don’t try to judge their listings nor do we actively censor, at least not right now.

We are in the listening phase of this product… listening to you, our users and community and also the broader community. Right now, the broader consensus is that XRP IS a cryptocurrency and it’s actively being traded as such. We want to present that to the audience and then, of course, have reflective and considerate dialogue in places like the Pub about these things.