CoinPuffs v0.2: UI / UX Update 🖌



Just a quick announce…

@peter and I have been working on a small (yet significant) refresh of CoinPuffs so we can get it to a place where it feels like it can scale effectively as we really deep-dive into what the first, official Version 1.0 might be.

Many of you have provided a ton of feedback so far, which is fantastic, but 9 out of 10 of the suggestions are programmatic and/or engineering-specific, which is great, but it’s going to take a good amount of time to get to it and we’re spending all of our time on hardcore engineering on #cryptoyum

Which means that we didn’t have any time for software improvements. Sorry!

But, we wanted to use a bit of Material Design (I mentioned that here) and also add a bit more design flavor and customization that’ll make most folks happy, for the time being.

It just feels a bit more “fresh,” if you will, and the mobile experience isn’t too bad either:

You can now choose how many you’d like to see with a simple drop-down:

And the site should be entirely faster now.

Continue to provide feedback and we’ll get things sorted as we finish up #cryptoyum, take a small break, and then get back to serious programming.

Using Propeller: Bootstrap + Material Design
CoinPuffs v0.21 ... Maybe? :thinking:

Thanks for the hard work guys!



Loving the new layout…one question…where do you get your (total) market cap data…its alot different than coin market cap


Try reading this:


thanks john I’ll try harder not to ask stupid questions…it was right there the whole time…lol


It looks super neat and great guys!

Suggestion, is there anyway where you could add a MACD graph as an option underneath the graph?

Thanks for the hardwork and keep it up! #BitConnnnnnneeeeccccttt


The new design look great. I have a few issues. 1) you are still calculating the market cap using total number of coins, as opposed to circulating. This gives the wrong picture. See for example Vechain. For this reason I’m sticking with CMC. And 2) I’d like to see the key indicators on the first tab when I click the coins, so I don’t have to click yet another tab.


Great job @john and @peter. Thank you very much , pair of smarty pants brothers :+1:


Looks great, only thing i’m missing is night mode, now days i prefer pages with dark background since its easier on the eyes. Any chance you could add that?

Awesome work!


looks great! could you possibly add a change of ranking style from the pass 7 days?


It’s looking good! Nice job Peter and John, and everyone else.


Looking good! thank you!


Hi guys!

This is to update that on coinpuffs when i was monitoring the sells and buys from different exchanges through the ‘TRADES’ option for Bitcoin Gold, i noticed that for bitfinex exchange the sells were showing as buys and the buys as sells… i did not check other exchanges info but did check it for bitfinex eth/usd and it showed the same error… for your info…


thanks for this! @john


I’m new. On Coinpuffs there are asterisks on Polymath Network. The asterisks are after supply and volume. What do they mean?


On Coinpuffs, on Polymath Network Coin there asterisks after supply and volume. What do they mean?


it’s stil gathering data from exchanges.


Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Still learning to navigate the far reaches of ya’lls empire!