CoinPuffs v0.22 🥣



Finally was able to take the updates from this last version of CoinPuffs!

And make some of the style updates that folks had recommended.

A few major changes of note…

Real Time without Whiplash

In the last version we had this:

Now, we have this:


Now, you can see the real-time updates without the possibility of an epileptic seizure.

Buy and Sell

This is the big one… and @peter and I went back and forth on implementation for quite some time… The short-story is that we want folks to be able to more quickly exchange their value based on market movements and we believe that the quickest way to do this is through a more wallet-to-wallet workflow.

Our hypothesis was that folks would want this. Now, it’s time to test that hypothesis in the real.

Based on this, we realized the building our own micro-exchange, if you will, is not worth the time, effort, or resources unless the need is validated. Consequently, we decided to use a more off-the-shelf approach using Changelly’s API.

This isn’t the best solution because it obviously kicks the user off to a different site and their API is sorely limited and lacking. And, they don’t currently offer that many coin exchange options:

But, at least they cover the larger and more well-known coins.

Our hope is that use of this system (we’re using their aff program to count conversions and clicks, FYI) gives us a really good gauge on interest and demand. If our hypothesis proves to be true then we’ll dedicate engineering resources to build our own! If not, we’ll remove it entirely.

Hope that makes sense.


A better mobile experience was already recreated:

So, there’s that. Live updating on this page as well.

Please give it a run and provide continued feedback! You all rock.


1% every day. Boom. :rocket:


Nice improvements, I really like them!

One question: did I get it right, that if I want to buy for example BTC with Credit card, I need to pay 10% fees ?
That would be very high in my opinion…


You guys are some busy bees :honeybee: :slight_smile:

Going forward with huge steps! :hulksmash:



You’ve totally outdone yourselves! Absolutely LOVE the improvements!


we’re just getting started. it’s all because of the community here.


Great job John & Peter!
How often do the prices on the main screen get updated?
Even refreshing the screen doesn’t sync it with the current price as shown on the detailed screen, it seems to be a few minutes delayed.


it updates on the homepage every 5 minutes.


Could you make pick sigh near coins names so that people may know which crypto is mineable?

Info for the newborns :wink:


WOW it is a real deal guys. Awesome job! Love the improvements! :+1:


CLAP CLAP real nice guys, still doubt about the buy options doh


What’s up with Changelly? Not really seeing great reviews about their rates…


its a test to see if folks are interested in this type of workflow and experience. it’s somewhat secondary to the real purpose of CoinPuffs, as a whole, but, we want to experiment.

They should be routing “the best” exchange rate to execute against, but, that’s another thing to test.


I think the blinking is bothersome. With the background white it really stands out. Maybe just leave it on all the time and change it when it is different?


good idea. let me take a look.


This looks great guys, amazing job and thank you for the long hours you are putting into this!


Awesome work guys! Doge approves.



Was thinking, 1st mistake! I may be overstepping here, sorry if I am but what about if on the main page instead of the blinking red and green color you add a shade. The darker the shade the larger percentage it has dropped or rose. This way at a glance one would know if the item is going to the moon or hitting the floor. This way you could get rid of the blinking still leaving in that functionality but giving somewhat useful information. Maybe to much?


Do u guys have app yet?


… unsure of what you mean.