CoinPuffs v0.22 🥣



updated to real-time.


Exciting day for Cryptos :rocket::crossed_swords:


I see that. Excellent!



Updated the coin pages with real-time info and with arrows! :arrow_up_small:


John, I really do like the instantaneous price widget.

  • What is the data source
    Was wondering if:
  • You guys had considered a “momentum” (or something else) index for say 10 minute/ hourly /6 hour price changes. I’m betting that would be a B**** to program.


You can see a pretty comprehensive list of sources here:


CoinPuffs is getting better and better. Good job guys. I like the up and down arrows instead of the red and green flashing it had before. I’m a fan of watching live price action so this works. Will there be a BTC Dominance feature on the home page?


I have a question about the volume on the home page vs the detail page of a coin.

It seems off to me? Wouldn’t mind hearing an explanation.

Home Page:

Detail Page:


I love what you are doing with Coinpuffs, so take this braindump as constructive criticism.

I realize you must have now spend a lot of effort trying to find the best UX for live updates. Personally, I fell that the arrows are impractical as they draw the eye away from the change they are indicating.

Perhaps doing something like what they do on TradingViews would keep the information being conveyed in one place (the digits that change are colored):


I also like the “days range” bar, but I’m not sure it adds anything that you can’t already tell from the 24h mini chart.

It would be really nice if one could see BTC/ETH bases rather than just FIAT conversion.

:metal: on @john



ICX and OMG are not showing up in my coin puffs. I checked page 2. NOt even in the top 100


taking a look. i see it here:


I can see them if I search. They just don’t come up on the main page.


looks ok for me, the links work.


Now that I think about it half my coins are missing. no ripple nipple NEO


there’s some crazy stuff happening across all exchanges… we’re tracking it.


Bitcoin dethrowned by an exchange!


can you guys add a feature to show what coins are mine-able onto the puffs?



Mildly infuriating :joy:



Hey John, buy a Pundi X coin from me! :rofl:


I’m going to leave it there for a bit… just for you!