Coins to swing trade


Does anyone have any recommendations of some coins that work well swing trading?

I’ve heard OMG and i think GRS are good. Any other wild coins out there that are nice to play with?


@HarryvdV would know. He’s the king.


Yeah i figure. I was inspired by his 9000 in a day post. I wanted to start a new thread instead of flooding the ICON thread again. It’s a party in there!


GRS has indeed been a good one for me in the past.

I would generally say any coin that has a lot of price action going on that goes up and down 5% every 10-15 minutes.

No specific coin stands out at the moment, but if you look at my previous sentence, you’ll have a guideline. I’d say a coin that can go between 10-20% up and down or ideally even more in short bursts of time.


Haha, now I start to blush hah


Thanks Harry. I’ll keep an eye out. The last 12 hours looked great across the board but was the middle of the night for me. Wish i knew about the xmas crashes. The banks are all closed over here so no way to capitalise on the lows. I signed up at coinbase so i can use my debit card but it seems so sketchy. Maybe I’ll try and relax and have a holiday haha


So bitcoin for example?


I’d say btc is the exception, I wouldn’t want to do it, but you can if you want


At the moment its pretty wild but yeah bitcoin is the most stable generally. I’m looking for those graphs with the sharp triangles and smaller marketcaps


Or take less risk and just dump your money in ICX and enjoy that 12X gain in 3 months.


Yeah mate. Already 100% in. Would be nice to quit working for the boss man sometime next year and trade, turning the profits back into fiat while the ICX stockpile grows


we need icx on bittrex


That will come, in all due time :slight_smile: lets start with a couple of smaller ones to slowly build up the price


Yeah I’ll start small, over the weekends and evenings and see how I travel. GRS looks like a good one to track and the volume is quite large so no worries getting stuck with an order


Hey @HarryvdV

What coins are you currently watching for swings? I’ve been keeping tabs on ETH, STRAT, BCC/BCH, and ICX.


Hey there @iamkmc

If you pick anything with large circulating supply, and ideally in top 50 or 100, you’ll swing trade quite well.

I used to swing trade NEM and Ripple quite well. They’re now gone through the roof so forget that. EOS was another good candidated, but it’s going up now too.

Maybe look at something like Dogecoin, Siacoin, Digibyte, Bytecoin. Large circulating supply, so prices will go up and down quite regularly. You won’t get 10-15 minute action, but hourly or bi-hourly I’m sure of.

Oh and you’ll also want to factor in exchange interest on your trades. Mine were 0.5%, so i always aimed for 1.5-2% gains.


Thanks @guderrin I’ll give them a look today, and scope out some entries.


@HarryvdV Are you putting stop-losses in with these swing trades? If so, what is your rule of thumb for percentages? Obviously this is a ton different than the stock market so the 5-10% probably not appropriate. I assume you are going to say depends on historical swings of the stock but thought I would ask anyway.


Umm no…how are you going to swing trade GRS with 5 mil volume? Your best swing trade option right now is coins like XRP, Tron, something with at least 100mil in 24hr trading volume.


No stop losses, I’m a simple person, I keep it simple :slight_smile: I’m looking for 2-2,5% which is kind of “safe”