Coins to swing trade


so I’m kinda doing something similiar - looking for some input

I have 80% in ICX, 10% in BTC and I’m playing with about 10% (500) right now - I’ve got $70 stuck in ADA that may take a month to get back but otherwise I’ve been making from 10-30% limits and getting out

One thing i’ve been doing - (since I’m on Binance) is I put all the coins in trading view and have been scrolling thru looking for low RSI’s and maybe following a twitter bot or two - get it - pump it and get out -

I can’t micromanage my trades - I gotta make them and let them go for a while - but does this sound like a sound plan for 10% of my stack - Letting ICX and BTC babysit the rest -


Poloniex is good if you want to leverage trade the top 5 coins.
If you want to trade XBT another ticker symbol for BTC, Bitmex Exchange is good.
Site crashes during heavy activity so run risk management and take gains along the way.

You don’t want to end up getting demolished by a run away rocket ship, during a short.
Currently the pilot is a little confused on where to go, but he will find his way to the moon.

I think most of us live in the US? VPN/VPS are needed to sign up and trade on Bitmex.
Since we are “technically” not suppose to be trading, start with a small deposit to reduce risk.
Lucky Kaspersky Secure Connection works with just 1 click.
Remember to 2FA, if you decide to do this.

Or if you want to use their trainer:
I was told they give you a Brand New, Very Much Shiny 1.0 BTC.


Can you elaborate? They “give” you 1BTC?


It is their own testnet exchange. They give your account 1 btc to use because there will be no other method for you to get btc there.


Do they require any kind of verification?


I’m assuming this is only for use on their testnet and in no way can you ever take any profit out


Anyone tried to swing trade more coins? For example BTC-LTC-ETH-NEO. They are quite volatile and stable at the same time in my eyes. I use this website for review what to do